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Home Plan Series: A Puteri Cove Residences Story

The article hopes to serve as examples to help Homeowners and new House-buyers to better understand their Dream home with the help of their property’s Floor Plan and Classical Feng Shui principles. Every Home tells a story. What is yours?
Puteri Cove Residences - located in Puteri Harbour, Iskandar Malaysia.
Click here (Case#24: Stories of Good-Value Properties) to know more about this development.

Of the 3 Towers, do you know which one has a Better Feng Shui?
Using a 2 Bedroom + Study Apartment in Puteri Cove Residences as an illustration for an Internal Feng Shui Case Study assessment. It is also assumed that this is a Northeast-facing apartment overlooking the Marina.

Generally, this apartment can be a relatively good unit for the next 10-20 years till 2043 or Period 9, enjoying good Feng Shui. The Main Door, Kitchen, Dining/Living are well-located in the good sector of the unit. From the initial assessment, Bedroom2 is best suit as work/study room. The Master Bedroom could need a little “realignment” to enable it to be more functional as a place to rest for the day.

Home Plan of a 2 Bedroom + Study Apartment in Puteri Cove Residences indicating the good and less favourable sectors
Just wondering what would be the Feng Shui analysis if the apartment next door where its unit layout is usually a “mirrored” image. In this case, Master Bedroom will be well-located in the North sector where the illustrated Living area is located as shown above, while the Main Door will be in the South sector.

A Word of Caution:
The above analysis is an illustration of a simple Feng Shui analysis based on the internal forms of the unit. This is only one aspect based on Xuan Kong Flying Stars. The external environment which contributes a more important part in a Feng Shui assessment, has not been taken into consideration.

Lastly, as most of the units in Puteri Cove Residences are either facing the Marina or Sea View, do you know which facings will benefit the residents better with reference to the water location, Feng Shui per se?

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