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Have you chosen a Good Date for a New Beginning?

Selecting a Good Date for a New beginning in any important activities.

In Date Selection (择日, 择吉), there is a Chinese saying:

The important of the Timeliness in selecting an Auspicious Date for any Important Activities
This saying could be a little exaggerated, but it emphasizes the important of the timeliness in selecting an auspicious date for any important activities. If one is not careful with the date selection, all 'bad' will break loose and heading your way; i.e. one might suffer bad effect or setback surfacing within a very short period of time.

In our present society, most of the people, regardless of whether they are the believers or non-believers in Chinese Metaphysics, regardless of different religions or faith, most of them will always cautious of selecting a good dates to sign a business contract, for commencing a new business, for marriage/wedding, for moving to a new house or house renovation, or any major activities like a New Property launch, requires a Good Date.

Everyone would want to benefit from a new and good start, with the objective to capitalize good fortune, avoiding any bad effect and setback, thus leading to a more beneficial beginning or achieving in one endeavour.

A new Property development could select an auspicious Launch Date for a good beginning, as all developers will want their projects to be successfully sell-out and with minimum issues relating to properties transaction processes from signing the contract (OTP) at the beginning till taking the keys at the end, and thereafter.
Some of the New Property Launches in Singapore and Iskandar Malaysia, 2013 

In Chinese New Year, everyone will want to select an auspicious day to start work (开工) or commence their businesses (开市) with a blessing to have a good start for the new coming year.  
A Business Opening Blessing on Chinese New Year

The Bottomline:

In Feng Shui, there is a common phrase that we will always worth mentioning:

The direct translation means: One can search for a good piece of land or environment for good fortune; but to activate or foster good fortune, one must always select an auspicious date to do so. This again emphasizes the important factor of timeliness.

The Chinese Almanac (通书) provides good information relating to selecting good Dates for various important activities, like marriage, house move-in, new business opening, etc.

Avoiding Bad Dates
In order to search for an auspicious day, one should be first avoiding the inauspicious or ‘bad’ days. The commonly days to avoid are the Year Breaker Days (岁破日), Month Breaker Days (月破日), 3 Killing Days (三煞日) and your Personal Day Breaker (命破日).

The Personal Day Breaker is based on the year of birth of an individual “crashing” the days that are with reference to the BAZI principle of the 6 crashes (六冲).
Example #1:
People born in the year of Dragon (辰年) should not select Dog days (戌日).

The Year Breaker Days (岁破日) and Month Breaker Days (月破日) are also based on the 6 crashes (六冲).
Example #2:
In 2013 which is the year of Snake (巳年), all the Boar months and days (亥月, 亥日) should be avoided.

Example #3:
In June which is the month of Horse (午月), all the Rat days (子日) should be avoid.

Selecting Good Dates
There are various methods to select auspicious or good dates. The common methods are as follows:
1. 12 Day Officers (十二值位)
2. 28 Constellations (二十八星宿)
3. Dong Gong (董公择日)

From a Date Selection Perspective, one will commonly 'remove' all the 'Bad' days as mentioned in earlier, and then make use of the above 3 methods together for date selection. With removal of 'Bad' days and selection of the 'Good' days with the above three methods, the number of auspicious days will be limited; barely few good days are left to be selected owing to the strict selection criteria. Furthermore, it is a very time consuming process, especially if there is more than 1 party to be considered.

For example, to select for an auspicious day for marriage or wedding, the Bazi (date and time of birth) of both the bride and bridegroom will be required for the selection process.

For House Moving-in activities, most if not all the Bazi of the residents staying in the same house will be preferred to be included in finding the ‘good’ dates for house moving-in.

Hence, generally, for a basic level of date selection, 1 or 2 methods in selection of good dates as above-stated, as well as those methods mentioned in the earlier in avoiding bad dates, like the 3 killings days, year and month breaker day, and personal day breaker, could be sufficient.

Generally, in the field of Date Selection, they’re many techniques. Some of the common ones are: 
- Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection (玄空大卦择日法), 
- Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门盾甲择日法), 
- The Great Sun Formula (太阳到山择日法), 
- San-Qi Date Selection (三奇择日法), 
- The 4 Auspicious Stars (四大吉星择日法), and many more…

As in the above, we may use the techniques together to determine a good date. However, not all techniques can be used or used together. The usage will be depending on the type of events or activities engaged for the Date Selection. For example, the Great Sun Formula is more applicable for identifying a good date for renovation, and not so appropriate for selecting marriage dates.

The following examples are case studies that hope to illustrate the important of Date Selection.

Case Study #1
The 2008 Olympics Games in China was officially opened on the 8 of Aug 2008. Most would agree that it could be the Double 8 (8 of Aug) that this date was selected for the grand event. However, coincidentally it was also the San-Qi Ri (三奇日), an auspicious day and it is a great day for an important event, like in this case the opening of the Olympics Games.
The Official Opening of the 2008 Olympics Games in China was 8-Aug-2008. It is a San-Qi Ri (三奇日), an auspicious day for an important event.

Case Study #2
From the source in wiki, an Official Opening of a shopping mall was initially scheduled to be opened on 11 June, an auspicious day for Business Opening. However, due to tenant permit issues, the opening of the mall was delayed to 15 June instead.

There were few unfortunate incidents occurred since the Opening for business till to-date. Many would agree that these incidents were merely a coincidence. Should the official opening have not been delayed or rescheduled to another auspicious day, just wonder if the outcome could be different.

Based on the Chinese Calendar, 15 June is a Destruction Day (破日). Coincidentally, with reference to Dong Gong Date Selection principle (董公择日), it’s also an unfavourable day (破子日), not suitable for major activities. 
I must make a disclaimer that having selecting a good date, does not mean that you don't need to do anything and all happenings will be 'smooth' and proper. Date Selection simply gives you a leading edge in the Time aspect. You will still need the People Action, and Right Location to complete the puzzle. In other words, you must still do your homework and work hard to achieve your goals. 

Being at the Right Place, taking the Right Action, at a Right Time to achieve your Goals

Something to Think About…
The next time when you are making an important decision or managing an event, and when you are confident that you have your due diligent checklist in place, but the result is not as expected, then probably you should consider reviewing whether you have chosen an auspicious date at the beginning….

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How Big is your Personal Wealth Chest?

Your Password to Your Personal Wealth Chest with Numbers and BAZI
We all want to be rich and wealthy. Generally, we obtain and build our personal wealth through a career or business endeavors, a fortune or inheritance pass down from the family, strike rich by winning in a lottery or simply any wealth related matters or actions, etc.

Some will spent their whole life working for survival and for their loved ones. Some are born with a silver-spoon and no worries about their daily lives. Some would have succeeded in their early years, and would hit their 1st million wealth in their early twenties, and the list goes on….

Hence, everybody Personal Wealth Capacity differs from one another. We will always want to obtain great wealth but do not know will it be realized, and if yes then When and How.

It’s about Awareness + Preparation = Opportunity
One of the ways to help us to discover and aware of our Wealth Capacity is through Metaphysics. It could assist us to be more aware of our strength and potentials, preparing us to seek wealth related opportunities should it arises, and not miss it owing to lack of preparation as you may not have the skill set and experience to manage them.

Awareness + Preparation = Opportunity

The followings illustrate 2 Metaphysical principles as examples to analyze the Wealth Capacity of a Famous Taiwanese Celebrity and Model. Coincidentally, both principles indicate that she is enjoying good wealth endeavour in the coming years ahead.

Personal Wealth Analysis with the Power of Numbers
She has the number 6 and the Power of 123 in her Life Chart. In the Power of Numbers, number 6 indicates that this person would build her wealth all by herself. With 2 sets of Power of 123 in her chart, she could be obtaining Wealth with her talents in her early years and opportunities to earn by the Millions in her later years, especially in her 40 - 50 years old. In addition, her Life Chart also shows that she could be famous and well-known to the public, and indeed she is much very popular especially in the Chinese communities.
Life Chart with the Power of 123 making by the millions.
Click here to know who she is…

Personal Wealth Analysis with BAZI
From the Chinese Metaphysics perspective, her BAZI – a Chinese Astrology in Life Analysis, also shows tell-tale sign that her Wealth Capacity is relative strong. This indicates that she would be riding or encountering Wealth related matters or opportunities in the next coming years.
A Taiwanese Famous Celebrity born on 29-Nov-1974. 
Based on BAZI, her Personal Wealth Capacity is predestined to be Good in the coming years. 
Click here to know who she is…

The Next Step:
By knowing what you have is not enough. You must take ACTION! Although you could have a good Life Chart based on Metaphysics principles, but the key to success is usually hindrance with not taking Action.

For example,
A person will have to queue to buy lottery and hope that his bets can be realized to win the 1st prize. Although taking action to queue cannot guarantee a win, but without action, there is no chance of a winning; i.e nothing change.
It is about Showing Up in Life!

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