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How Big is your Personal Wealth Chest?

Your Password to Your Personal Wealth Chest with Numbers and BAZI
We all want to be rich and wealthy. Generally, we obtain and build our personal wealth through a career or business endeavors, a fortune or inheritance pass down from the family, strike rich by winning in a lottery or simply any wealth related matters or actions, etc.

Some will spent their whole life working for survival and for their loved ones. Some are born with a silver-spoon and no worries about their daily lives. Some would have succeeded in their early years, and would hit their 1st million wealth in their early twenties, and the list goes on….

Hence, everybody Personal Wealth Capacity differs from one another. We will always want to obtain great wealth but do not know will it be realized, and if yes then When and How.

It’s about Awareness + Preparation = Opportunity
One of the ways to help us to discover and aware of our Wealth Capacity is through Metaphysics. It could assist us to be more aware of our strength and potentials, preparing us to seek wealth related opportunities should it arises, and not miss it owing to lack of preparation as you may not have the skill set and experience to manage them.

Awareness + Preparation = Opportunity

The followings illustrate 2 Metaphysical principles as examples to analyze the Wealth Capacity of a Famous Taiwanese Celebrity and Model. Coincidentally, both principles indicate that she is enjoying good wealth endeavour in the coming years ahead.

Personal Wealth Analysis with the Power of Numbers
She has the number 6 and the Power of 123 in her Life Chart. In the Power of Numbers, number 6 indicates that this person would build her wealth all by herself. With 2 sets of Power of 123 in her chart, she could be obtaining Wealth with her talents in her early years and opportunities to earn by the Millions in her later years, especially in her 40 - 50 years old. In addition, her Life Chart also shows that she could be famous and well-known to the public, and indeed she is much very popular especially in the Chinese communities.
Life Chart with the Power of 123 making by the millions.
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Personal Wealth Analysis with BAZI
From the Chinese Metaphysics perspective, her BAZI – a Chinese Astrology in Life Analysis, also shows tell-tale sign that her Wealth Capacity is relative strong. This indicates that she would be riding or encountering Wealth related matters or opportunities in the next coming years.
A Taiwanese Famous Celebrity born on 29-Nov-1974. 
Based on BAZI, her Personal Wealth Capacity is predestined to be Good in the coming years. 
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The Next Step:
By knowing what you have is not enough. You must take ACTION! Although you could have a good Life Chart based on Metaphysics principles, but the key to success is usually hindrance with not taking Action.

For example,
A person will have to queue to buy lottery and hope that his bets can be realized to win the 1st prize. Although taking action to queue cannot guarantee a win, but without action, there is no chance of a winning; i.e nothing change.
It is about Showing Up in Life!

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