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Where is your Wealth Sector in 2017?

The East and Southeast are the Wealth sectors of your home in 2017
As we have just entered into the new year, everyone if not most would like to welcome the coming year for a new beginning, and also a good start; in Wealth, Career, Health, Relationship, the list goes on …..

Where is my Wealth Sector in 2017?
Whatever the intention, most if not all, our first priority in the list is Wealth, as we all want our wealth to be “healthy” for the coming year.

In 2017, the Wealth sector is located in the East sector of your home. Your Main Door of your home or office located in this sector will bring good financial growth and returns from your business, work and investment.

If the Main Door is not located in this sector, then you can still make use of this sector more frequently; it could be your workroom, study area, just be there and make use of this sector more often.

The Primary and Secondary Wealth Sector of this Home is at the Living/Dining area

What if my Wealth Sector is in the Toilet or Store/Utility room?
Should the Wealth sector is located in a less favourable area, such as the Toilet or the Store Room, you can consider using the Southeast Sector of your home, as it can serve as the Secondary Wealth sector of the year; enhancing one’s income, happy events, career promotion or investment, etc.

Some may ask if there is a need to install any objects or items in the Wealth Sector, such as the Wealth Vase (聚宝盆)Golden Turtle (金钱龟), etc. The answer is NO! You can put any "auspicious" items that symbolizes wealth or good fortune, but this is not necessary as Classical Feng Shui does not subscribe to object placement. As mentioned earlier that it's about using the space and how frequent you are using it. However, in some situation, you may administer "water", but be careful as water could be a "double-edge" sword.; i.e. it could improve your Wealth endeavors, and vice-verse.

Objects and Items is not necessary for Wealth enhancement in Classical Feng Shui
What is mentioned as above is just about the Wealth aspect for 2017. Some homes are well positioned where the Main Door is located in the Wealth Sector while some are situated in the Bedrooms or even in the toilets. Whatever the scenarios are, we should work within our means to benefit the best of it. If your Wealth sector is not usable, then make use of the Secondary Wealth sector. Although Wealth is just 1 aspect of our life, but it is one of the more important. Don’t you agree? 

Beside wealth endeavors, you and your family members may also want to achieve other goals this year, such as climbing the corporate ladder in your career, sitting for important examinations at the end of this year, especially for your children, new born to the family for the newly web, etc

If you are interested to know how more about the General Wealth aspect as well as other endeavors that you could achieve with your Home, you might consider the EZ-Home Analysis to know more about your Home Story, especially at the beginning of this year. Simply click here to find out more.

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