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Enjoy Good Feng Shui with a Well-Located Kitchen

Kitchen stove’s knob should face one of the best directions of the owners in order to enjoy Good Feng Shui.
Not too long ago, I have met a perspective buyer whom is very particular having the Kitchen located on the right from the Main Door entrance. I’ve asked him if this is important. Unfortunately, he is unable to tell why it is so, but replied that his Hong Kong’s friend has advised him having the Kitchen on the right is good Feng Shui if he wants to invest in an apartment unit for own stay.

In my opinion, I believe he is referring to 8 Mansions Feng Shui (八宅明镜), this Feng Shui classic did mention that it is auspicious to locate the Kitchen/Stove in the Bad sector of your home, but the stove must face one of his best directions, fulfilling the principle of “Sitting on the Bad and facing the Good direction” or 坐凶.

In addition, the facing of the house must also be ascertained first, as by know the facing, then only will the bad sectors of the house be made known.

Stove facing is closely related to the Living home and/or Life of the Occupants.

Example #1:
For a South Facing home where the Main Door is in the North sector, then the right of the Main Door is the bad sector where the Liu-Sha (六煞) negative energy resides. And having a stove located in this sector and with stove knobs facing one of the owner’s good directions conforms to 8 Mansions Feng Shui principle. In this case, it is preferred that the owner is a East Group person where his good directions are facing East, Southeast, North and South. As in this example, it conforms to what is known as “Life is compatible with Home” or 宅命相配, and the occupants will enjoy Good Feng Shui.

Kitchen located in the Liu-Sha (六煞) Bad sector for a South Facing Home with Main Door opens in the North.
Source: Floorplan of a 3 Bedroom Unit in Iskandar Residences, Medini
Based on the above example of a South Facing home, a person who belongs to the East Group (东四命) and also a Kan Life Gua person (), is best to have the stove facing Southeast for Wealth and People luck. The next best facing will be East for Wealth and Health luck. Kan Life Gua person is 1 of the 4 types of person belonging to the East Group.


As a general reference, people who born in the following years are Kan Life Gua person ():
Men: 1954, 1963, 1972, 1981, …
Women: 1959, 1968, 1977, 1980, …

Example #2:
However, should the Main Door is opened in the South sector, then the Kitchen being on the right will be located in the Sheng-Qi (生气) where the Good and vibrant sector resides. In this case, it does not conforms to the Feng Shui principle. Hence, resulting in Bad Feng Shui. 

Kitchen located in the Sheng-Qi (生气) Good sector for a South Facing Home with Main Door opens in the South.

There are of course other Feng Shui principles to ascertain a good kitchen location, but the above-mentioned 8 Mansions Feng Shui is just 1 of the many methods.

Lastly, I always believe that if there is a Feng Shui advice or a "Claim" and there isn't a logical explanation or not documented in any authentic Feng Shui classics, then it would probably not Classical Feng Shui but from a cultural or traditional beliefs perspective.

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