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The Power of Water - the Double-Edged Sword

Properties with Water in the vicinity. An Asset or a Liability?
Water is like a Double-Edged Sword - place it in the right location could be a Property Asset, but should it be in the wrong location, it could be a Liability instead.

In our urban cities, more and more virtual and man-made waterways, like roads, highways, monsoon drains, can be seen everywhere. In Feng Shui, the flow of the waterway is preferred to be “sentimental” as it meanders and passes the facade of your property, and leaving from your property slowly and unwillingly.

In Feng Shui, there are many "good" and "bad" perceptions relating to water. The following are few examples about "water" that you might see them in our urban cities.

Example #1
A property facing very near to a big monsoon drain is generally a big “No” as the water flow will be relatively fast especially in the raining seasons. This is commonly known as “Cutting Feet Water” (割脚水) in Feng Shui contexts. Similarly, “Cutting Feet Water” can also apply to busy road, highway or railway where they are also considered as “Virtual Water”.
A busy road very close to and passes the facade of a row of shop houses,
an illustration of Cutting Feet Water formation (割脚水).

Example #2
If there is a curved-like Waterway, like a Jade belt formation passing by the facade of the property, and it is located in the inner side of the curve, then this property could be enjoying good Feng Shui. This formation is known as “Jade Belt Water” (玉带水).
Properties located by the waterside,
an illustration of Jade Belt Water formation (玉带水)

Should the Property is facing more than 1 waterway, monsoon drain, highway and railway, then you should be more observant in how they “flow” towards and away from the facade of your property. Regardless whether it is a landed or an apartment in a building tower, this might lead to problems relating to health, people luck and/or wealth loss.

Example #3
In the Water Dragon Classic (水龙经) - an ancient Feng Shui Classic, it was documented that when 2 or more “Water” flows in front of your property, one in a “curved” formation “wrapping” the property like the Jade belt water formation, but the others flow pass from the property in a straight-like manner, then the well-being of the occupants would be affected. This formation can be literally translated as Metal-Fire Water Clash”, influencing People Matters” (金火相刑,败绝无丁). This may sound scary, but it simply means that this Feng Shui violation might cause an impact to the well-being of the occupants. The relationship with family members, like their children could also be affected.
Properties (circled in Red) very near to the intersection of 2 railways, an illustration of a Metal-Fire Water Clash formation (金火相刑,败绝无丁). This could affect People Matters.

The next time when you are looking out for a new property, besides looking out for superb location with well-connected transportation and great amenities, you might also be watchful for the waterways, roads or railways in the vicinity.

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