Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Different Faces of Water for Wealth

If there is a Water-body, like a pond, lake, swimming pool in the West of your house, this could be an unfavorable sign as the residents would generally encounter bad endeavors. Although they would enjoy good Feng Shui in the beginning, it will gradually turn bad in the long term.

Although Water is always seen as a positive catalyst to enhance wealth opportunities in Feng Shui, when placed in the "wrong" location, it may bring about more harm than good to the residents.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

What is your Numbers?

The Life Chart is an Inverted-Triangle, known as the Tetraktys. Pythagoras, the “Father of Mathematics”, created the Tetraktys some 600 BC ago. It is both a mathematical idea and a metaphysical symbol.

"Numbers can reveal who you are, your actions at home or interactions with your family and others, as well as how others see you as an individual."

Here, this Inverted-Triangle is named as Life Chart; a name that I feel is earlier to call. The intent of using the Triangle is for educational and life analysis purposes only. It is not associated with or with an intent to violate others’ rights whom might be using this symbol as their Trade of sorts.

The Life Chart comprises numbers that are derived from your Date of Birth. It begins with the numbers that make up the Date of Birth of an individual. The numbers are added together by Pythagoras method of calculation, reducing it to a single digit.

The numbers that are within the Inverted-Triangle represent who you are, your actions at home or interactions with your family. And those numbers that outside represent what others see you, your approach to the external world.

An example of a Life Chart of an individual whom Date of Birth is 4 Feb 2010.
In this example, this person (Date of Birth: 4 Feb 2010) does not have any 7 in his chart, it shows that this person may not have many supporters or nobleman in life, hence external help is limited when in need. There are two 2s within the triangle. This means that this person likes to talk at home or has talkative nature, but may not be sociable and communicative with outsiders as there is no 2 outside the triangle.

Another example of a Life Chart of an individual whom Date of Birth is 10 Sep 1991.
In this example, this person (Date of Birth: 10 Sep 1991) have a lot of 1. If this is a woman, she is more “manly” or “boyish” as 1 is a man number. So how much is too much? If a number is appearing 3 or more in the life chart, then it is too much. In this example, there are five 1s in her chart. So if a man who has a lot of 2 in his chart, then he is more towards a soft and feminine person as 2 is a woman number.

Below is a summary of important keywords that relates to the Numbers 1 – 9, for ease of reference.
How to read this map?

Each number is represented by unique personalities and behaviors. As an example, if you have 6 in your Life Chart, then you are family-oriented, but also tend to be more money-oriented. And if you find difficulty in your business endeavors, then you might have missing 9 in your chart as this is a business number.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Unleash Your Business Competence with the Art of War

An Offensive Strategy (谋攻) in Sun Tzu's Art of War

Sun Tzu's Art of War (孙子兵法) is one of the well-known military strategy classics which has a total of 13 chapters. It has seen extending its usage from a battleground into today’s business, our daily lives, and careers, gaining much popularity not only in the Chinese communities but also recognized worldwide.

In today’s context, although we may not be encountering wars and battles every day, we have many challenges and battles to fight; ranging from business battles to our personal battles that we are facing every single day in wealth, health, relationship, career, etc.

In the chapter of Offensive Strategy (谋攻), it was mentioned that “If you know both your enemy and yourself, you will be able to win a hundred battles and never be defeated - 知彼知己,百不殆”.

To relate this strategy to our current time, we need to recognize our strength and capability, and how this can be applied to our daily lives and businesses with a metaphysical tool known as Bazi.

If you know both your enemy and yourself,
you will be able to win a hundred battles
and never be defeated.   Sun Tzu

Just like Enneagram which defines an individual with 9 types of personalities, while Numerology or the Power of Numbers group people into numbers from 1 to 9, in Chinese Astrology like Bazi (八字), categorizes people into 10 types with the Yin and Yang aspects of your personal traits based on 5 different elements using your Day of Birth. This represents your basic nature and character, and also reveals your Business Competence, what’s your unique capability in business, or rather your entrepreneur’s potential.

The Yin and Yang aspects of your personal traits

For example, a Bing fire (丙火) person has a Yang trait aspect, with a strong Value-oriented personality and a creation-executor mindset, while a Xin metal (辛金) person has a Yin trait aspect with a People first driven personality and a connection-thinker mindset.

What’s about your Business Competence?
To extend a little further into your Business personality, a Jia wood (甲木) person has a Diversification business competency. It is like a big tree with many branches, and these can be represented by people who are inspired to strive for multiple streams of business endeavors. An example of a Jia Wood person is Richard Branson. 

Another example will be a Ren water (壬水) person who has a Competitive business competency. It is like a big ocean that can reach out to anywhere it can flow, and this can be represented by a person always looking out for new opportunities, and with a “never give out” belief. This is indeed an essential trait in the making of a successful entrepreneur. Examples of Ren Water persons are Bill Gates, Jack Ma, etc.

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Hope this is the start of your Entrepreneurship journey.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Mountain for Good Fortune and Career Endeavors

If there are higher grounds, like mound, grave, hill or ridge in the North of your house, the residents will endear good fortune and prosperity to career advancement and wealth prospects. 

Mountain is one important feature in many Feng Shui classics. When your house is properly aligned to this external landform together with Water component, it can conform to Feng Shui principles that can usher good life energies or Qi to your house. Residents will be blessed with good fortune and career endeavors.

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Saturday, September 15, 2018

The Power Code of 123

123 is a powerful number combination that should not be ignored. With this combination in your Life Chart, it denotes that the person could have the potential to become a powerful leader and communicator. If this is your child, then you should consider grooming him/her with good communication and interpersonal skill. Superb leadership and thinking on your feet skill-set will definitely be a plus point.

In the study of Numbers, the positive attributes of 1, 2 and 3; 1 represents Leadership, 2 represents Talkative and 3 represents Aggressive. With this attribute combination, it is not difficult to give you a tell-tale sign of a person who possesses these qualities, could be a Leader who is aggressive, communicative and articulate well with people.

People who have 123 combinations has the capability to become popular celebrities, famous leaders of an organization, powerful head of country or state, top-notch lawyers or any fields that require the attributes of 1, 2 and 3.

Some examples of the famous and popular personalities that have the power of 123 are Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Lee Kuan Yew, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jack Ma, Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Robert KiyosakiLeonardo DiCaprio, ...

Example of individuals who have the power of 123 combination.

Example 1:
He is an American actor and film producer. He has received multiple awards. He won the Golden Globe Award, BAFTA Award, and Academy Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of Hugh Glass in the 2015 film The Revenant. 
..source from wiki

From the Life Chart, he has not only 1 set of 123 combination, but 2 sets. There is also 2 and 7 in the chart which denotes that he is communicative and has people support, a must in show business, especially for actors.

Example 2:
He is a Chinese business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. He is the co-founder and executive chairman of the Alibaba Group, a multinational technology conglomerate. 
..source from wiki

From the Life Chart, besides having a set of 123 combination. There are also 2 sets of 27 combination, denoting that he can be easily connected to people, as this combination is about talking and networking.

Example 3:
He is an American businessman and author, and the founder of the Rich Dad Company, a private financial education company that provides personal finance and business education to people through books and videos. He is also the creator of the Cashflow board and software games to educate adults and children business and financial concept. 
..source from wiki

From the Life Chart, besides having a set of 123 combination, he also has a 27 combination, and it is not difficult to see that he has many assets in his property investment portfolio. 

Thursday, September 13, 2018

The influence of Water-Mountain for Wealth and Abundance

If there is a water body, like a pond, lake, etc in the Southwest, and higher grounds, like mound, grave, hill or ridge in the Northwest and Northeast of your house, the residents will be endearing good fortune and wealth. In addition, their children and descendants will also be blessed with good luck and abundance.

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Sunday, August 26, 2018

What’s your Feng Shui Number?

In Feng Shui, your Life Star is about you. It describes your key skills, characteristics, and trait. Like Numerology where it groups individuals into one of the 9 types of people or personality based on their Date of Birth, the Life Star does a similar classification but using different computation methodology.

With your Life Star, you can identify your Personal Life Palace, or commonly known as your Identity Palace or Xuan Kong Life Palace (玄空命宫). This sector in your home is about you as it represents your personal capacity in life, relating to wealth, career, and perhaps your well-being, etc. It is preferred to be clean, bright and uncluttered, as it could influence your life endeavors.

Your Life Palace is about your Personal Life Capacity

It is also recommended to ensure that the exterior of this sector, which is outside your home, is not “obstructed” by any building or negative form (Sha Qi), such as construction site, building roof, a road with fast-moving traffic towards your home, etc. These can impact your life endeavors. In addition, a missing sector in your life palace is a definite NO, as this means your life capacity is greatly affected and is unfavorable to you.

A home plan with the missing sector.

Knowing your Life Palace
If you know your Life Star, you can easily identify your Personal Life Palace. For example, if your Life Star is 9, then your Life Palace is in the South. This means that the South sector of your Home represents you, and it should not be missing in your home as it could impact your life capacity as mentioned earlier.

Life Star 9 with its Life Palace in the South

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Monday, July 23, 2018

Missing Sector impact on your Wealth and Investment

Notice the Missing sector at its facade of this apartment
In current times, do you realize that smaller size homes are built with missing sector? In Feng Shui context, a Missing sector to a home is not favorable as it denotes something is missing. It is a sign where certain occupants have no affinity with the house. They would usually stay out late at work or with friends, away from home, or perhaps always engaging in oversea business commitments where time spent at home is merely to the minimum. To some, the occupants may be more prone to health problems or wealth loss. Hence, a missing sector in a family home is never a good sign.

“Hence, whether for investment or own-stay, it will be always preferred to choose your choice property without a missing sector.

How about Missing Sector on Investment?
Many will argue that Investment does not require Feng Shui, as they are not staying there, and therefore does not affect them. This is true though but Feng Shui can also play a role in ascertaining a good-value property for investment. Missing sector in different area of your properties would indicate different negative impact, especially the Wealth aspect of it. Hence, whether for investment or own-stay, it will be always preferred to choose your choice property without a missing sector.
Examples of 2 Bedroom Units in the current new residential launches 
What if I still want to invest in a property with Missing Sector?
In the current market where most if not all investors are still buying into 1 and 2 Bedroom units, with a smaller floor areas and usually with missing sector, try selecting one that does not have it in the Northeast or South sector from the investment perspective, as missing in these sectors could affect your Wealth prospects, especially in these coming few years. Based on Xuan Kong Feng Shui principle, the prevailing Qi or energies in these sectors are more vibrant, and usually consider as the Wealth sectors. These sectors missing in your home would denote a property with no affinity to Wealth, and generally can be considered as a “no-wealth” property (财屋).

So select your Choice Home and Investment with care...

Friday, June 22, 2018

The Dark Side of 8 Killings Force

Eight Killings Force (八煞黄泉) is one of the worse environmental afflictions that generally involve the door facing of the property and the energy of the mountain in its vicinity. When there is a conflict between this mountain energy and the door, the occupants would encounter negative events or bad experience, causing extreme bad luck relating to relationships, wealth loss and personal health, such as failures in marriage, accidents, injuries, and at times it could be fatal.

“This is one Killing Force that you do not want to invite to your Home”

In current times and especially in urban areas where mountain cannot be seen, tall buildings or mega structure can be considered as alternatives where they can be served as Virtual Mountains.

As an illustration, for a South facing home, looking out from your home either through the main door or windows and you can see a tall building or mountains in the Southeast, then your home may have violated the Eight Killings Force. The negative impact will be even worse should the tall building or structure in the Southeast appears to be “aggressive” or “threatening”, such as the edge of the building is pointing directly to your home or the facing the wind gaps between 2 buildings, etc.

 A South facing apartment overlooking its neighbour in the Southeast

A house can also potentially be violating the Eight Killings Force based on the location of the Main Door and the incoming water or road coming towards the house, or perhaps a negative features or structure erected at a specific direction directing towards the house.

Generally, watch out of the neighbours diagonally from your home for Eight Killings

Although you can have a Home with good interior Feng Shui, perhaps based on 8 Mansions or Flying Stars principles, this environmental affliction could overwrite all good into bad. Hence, if you are currently looking for your new home, you should select one without violating this killing force as prevention is always better than cure.

For those whom are encountering the earlier mentioned Feng Shui problems, do consider to seek professional Feng Shui advice to negate or at least reduce the negative impact as you could have already invited the Eight Killings force to your home. 

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