Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Westwood Residences Story

Using Westwood Residences in Jurong as an illustration, if you are observant and familiar with the surrounding, this development is the neighbour of clusters of landed enclaves on one side where the Main Entrance is situated.

The neighbourhood Landed Enclave where Westwood Residences will be located
On the other side, it overlooks a vast open space and the higher grounds beyond, stretching from the Northwest to the West where the Nanyang Technological University campus is located. For some units, these higher grounds could bring good reputation and career luck to the residents. It also indicates power and authority that can lead to great wealth, especially for those in the corporate fields. 

A vast open space and the higher grounds beyond with NTU campus in the West

Important Note:
Some of the Units could be benefiting from the external environment. If you are interested to start a new life journey with your loved ones in this development, then you might consider to select one that could support your life endeavors.

Click here for more details of selecting your Dream Home in Westwood Residences with Feng Shui and Qi Men.

Click here if you want to know how to select your Dream Home in Westwood Residence

For more details, click here for a Case Study of this EC development (Case Study #37).

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