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Who has a Better Property, yours or your neighbours?

Floor plan of a Period 8, 2 Bedroom Southwest facing unit,
conforming to Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui Principle
In the current housing development, whether Public Housing, like the Build-To-Order (BTO), Executive Condominium or Private Residential Apartments, they have a common trend and it is also economical viable that more and more properties are built with the same type, same size but probably in a different facade facing. Some of the units which share the same facing but are built with their Floor Plan like a mirror unit of their neighbouring ones; e.g. their kitchen, living area or bedroom could be sharing the same wall. These mirror units could also be located within the same building or floor level.

In Feng Shui context, do you know that these units although they are of the same type or somehow similar, like those of the mirror units but with different building or main door facings, could provide a different outcome or influence to the occupants, affecting their endeavours in life.

In additional, in a Living Home, the Main Door, the Kitchen and the Master Bedroom are three most important area with reference to Feng Shui. It is always preferred to have these areas to be located in the good sectors. Conforming to this rule would allow the residents to enjoy good Feng Shui.

Example 1
These floor plans belong to the typical 2-Bedroom units of a recent new property launch. For illustration purposes, both the units are facing Northeast. Both units are also of the same type and size but their floor plans are mirrored, and they are both located side by side, sharing the same wall.

For the Northeast facing unit, the floor plan of Property B shows that all the important areas like the Main Door, Kitchen and Bedrooms are well-positioned in the good sectors. As for the other floor plan, the Master bedroom and Living area of Property A are however located in the less favourable sectors within the unit.
The Property A has the Master Bedroom and Living area located
in the less favourable sectors, while Property B can be considered
as a good Feng Shui property, with all the important areas located
in the good sectors.
NE1 facing Homes in Period 8
In Xuan Kong Flying Stars, these unfavourable sectors could foster Peach Blossom luck and produce intelligent individuals when timely, but on the other hand having too much of them may lead to flirtatious and infidelity to their loved ones. In addtitional, it could also cause health problems. The situation would also further aggravate if there are external negative forms or sha-qi pointing to the unit, especially to the Living or Bedroom. Comparing both floor plans, the choice is rather obvious that Property B is a better choice unit in Period 8 till 2023.

Example 2
These floor plans belong to the typical 4 Room units of a recent new Build to Order (BTO) housing launch. For illustration purposes. Both Southwest facing units are also of the same type and size but their floor plans are mirrored. Although they are not located side by side, they are situated within the same building and in the same floor level.

The floor plan of Property A shows that all the important areas like the Main Door, Kitchen and Bedrooms are well-positioned in the good sectors. Although an initial assessment reviews that the Living area is located in the less favourable sector of the unit, this is still acceptable as the sofa or sitting area is located in the good sector within the Living area.

Having located the Main Door in this sector for the SW1 facing unit would increase in wealth opportunities, and improve your career advancement.
Property A – a SW1 facing unit with a less favourable, but acceptable Living area

The floor plan of Property B shows that all the important areas like the Kitchen and Bedrooms are well-positioned in the good sectors. However, the Main Door is located in the less favourable sector of the unit. Residents in this unit are more prone to health problems.
Property B – SW1 facing unit with a less favourable Main Door

Similar to Example 1, when comparing both floor plans, Property A is a better unit than Property B, as the Main Door of Property A is better located with reference to the unit.

Both the above examples are based on Xuan Kong Flying Stars which can be considered as a forecasting and dynamic Feng Shui principle, best for people who want to realize their short term endeavours. However, one must need to ascertain the facing of the Property or Building in order to use this principle correctly.

Always Remember ...
The Main Door, the Kitchen and the Master Bedroom
are the 3 Most Important Areas with reference to
Feng Shui in a Living Home.

With thousands of public and private housing development launches in the recent years, there are many choices to choose from as your dream home or for property investment. So, the next question arises - Which is the best property that suits me? 

Hence,  besides looking out for a good-value property with high capital gain and good rental yield return, you might also consider using Feng Shui to ascertain which is a better unit that that are more suitable to you and loved ones, supporting your life endeavours.

If you are interested to better understand your dream home, discovering its strength and weakness, you might consider the EZ Home Analysis, an on-line analysis service to help Homeowners and new House-buyers to know their homes better with the help of their property’s Floor Plan and Classical Feng Shui principles. Click here for more details.

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Is Property facing Pool always has good Feng Shui?

You have bought an Apartment recently in the prime district. You love the unit as it has an unblock Pool view in front of your living area, and most will comment that it is Good Feng Shui as “seeing” Water is auspicious.

Do you know that if the water is not positioned in the right sectors with relative to your property, it might cause more bad fortune than good; like Wealth loss, Poor people luck and Health problem?
From 1964 – 2043, it is preferred to see “Water” in the Southwest, East, North and Southeast
There is a popular Chinese saying: Mountain governs People luck, and Water governs Wealth luck (山管人丁,水管财). In Xuan Kong Feng Shui, we are now in Period 8, which starts from 2004 to 2023. Owing to the Qi transformation, and using your property as the reference, it is best to have “Water” in the Southwest direction, and is usually known as the Indirect Spirit position (零神位). This is auspicious as it is Timely (当元之旺). Seeing “Water” in this direction could improve Wealth luck and growth especially in this Period of time.

Besides Southwest, having “Water” in the North, Southeast and East is also auspicious, and properties with “Water” in these directions could also receiving good wealth luck from 1964 to 2043, conforming to the Direct and Indirect Spirits Feng Shui principle (玄空风水-正零神).

“Water” can be water/fishing pond, swimming pools, waterways, etc. Lower grounds could also be considered, but real “Water” is preferred as the effect would be more obvious.

How about seeing water other than these directions?
As there are bounded to have properties, especially in private apartment/condominium and landed properties, facing the swimming pool, not in those directions that are mentioned above; i.e. in the South, Northwest, Northeast, and West. If you are currently looking for a property, then it is best to avoid these units as they are not timely, and you might encounter more negative endeavors than good, or to the least being nominal.

Example of Properties with Poolview
An illustration of a residential development with units surrounding the pool
As an illustration, this is a site-plan of a housing development with units surrounding the round water pool. Based on the Direct and Indirect Spirits Feng Shui principle, although there are good units in this project that conforms to Feng Shui, Units 01 & 09 can be considered the better units as they are facing the pool in the Southwest direction. Second to them are those Units facing the pool in the North and Southeast directions.

Which units in this residential are able to benefit more from the water?

All 3 blocks A,B,C in development are facing the same Pool, but from different directions.
The Haven Lakeside Residences in Ipoh with superb Water facing facade
For those homebuyers whom have just bought their new Dream Homes, or for those who are in the Property-Hunting Process, then you might consider including the above mentioned 4 external water positions into your property search checklist, and reviewing your choice unit again.

For more details on selecting a property as your Dream Home or good-value Investment with Feng Shui, click here to find out more about the EZ Property Selection and what it is offering.
Find out more about how to select your dream home right the first time here.

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