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Do you want to own a Good Feng Shui Home?

Which one is our Dream Home ?
You have long to start up a small family, and always envisages to provide a better lifestyle and environment for your loved ones. You are attracted to the many launches coming to town. You might have heard of it, see it in the newspapers, media or mailers. Many could have visited the show flats, and when you are convinced with its values and very keen to be part of it, you own it.

You may have chosen your choice unit that faces the pool or one that have an unblock view. But are you able to ascertain whether the unit that you have selected is best suits you, your loved ones or your family members?

You could have chosen one and when you show-off to your friends or relatives, some will comment that this unit is no good, bad Feng Shui as the unit is facing the T-junction, or your neighbouring building which looks rather threatening over your unit. Some who are learned with Feng Shui knowledge might also comment that your unit’s Main Door is in the bad sector, and it could affect the overall Feng Shui of the property. Another common remark will be the wealth sector of the unit is in the toilet and your money will be flushed away. Hence, resulting in bad Feng Shui and no good for the residents. The list goes on….

Sounds familiar? These are some of the common remarks that you might encounter concerning property selection.

Don’t always conclude that when certain areas of the property are considered “bad” is not usable. There might be an alternative solution to overcome it; not all cases but some of which can be easily resolved without using figurines or items like Ba-Gua, Wu-Lu, Dragons and Lions, etc… but with simple relocation of your furniture or installing a fixture that could redirect the Qi flow to the entire property.

Classical Feng Shui focuses on Life Energy or Qi
In Classical Feng Shui, it focuses on Life Energy or Qi, and how Qi is tapped from the external environment and channelled into the property, and circulating within it. This could influence and benefit the well-being of the residents, fostering the people “seeing” and opening up for more opportunities, better decision making to actions, etc. It hopes to support your life endeavours.

From the Property Investment standpoint, if you have a choice between 2 units that have the same unit type, same size and probably the same price, but one being assessed with a better Feng Shui that supports your life endeavours than the others, then what will be your decision in the selection? I believe the answer is obvious. Whether it is owing to Feng Shui or not, a property that is tagged with Good Feng Shui will always command a better demand and higher value in the property market.

I’ve recently completed a Property assessment for a customer in the recent Executive Condominium development, The Tampines Trilliant, and would like to share the beauty and practicality of adopting Feng Shui to the property could be that subtle.

At a first glance, with reference to the Xuan Kong Flying Stars (玄空飞星), and based on the Floor Plan of the property, the Living, Dining, Kitchen, Bedroom 2 & 3 could already be located in the Good Sector of the unit. However, the Main Door and Master Bedroom are situated in the unfavourable sector of the unit.

In advance technique, there are solutions and could easily resolved these problems and improve these areas to be usable.
A Property that has a Bad Main Door and Master Bedroom
based on Feng Shui Principle

The Main Door is situated in North or Northeast of the property. If it is in the North, than it is tapping the facing Star 2, which is a Illness star (病符星) and more prone to issues relating to poor health. On the other hand, the Star 4, which is the Intelligent star (文昌星) residing in the Northeast of the unit, enhances academic and scholastic pursuits.

Therefore, it will be a better choice to tap into the Northeast sector of your unit where the Star 4 resides, from the main Door by installing a screen or barrier, low-shoe cabinet or just some fixture that helps to divert the incoming Qi from the Main Door into the Living area. Furthermore, this also screened-off the Dining area from the Main Door, providing more privacy while dining.
Recommendation to improve the Feng Shui of the Main Door

The Master Bedroom is located in the South sector, an unfavourable sector in relation to the entire unit. The solution is to install a screen to redirect the Qi flow entering the room in the good Northwest sector within the room where the Star 6 resides. The screen is also able to screen-off the bed from the Bathroom.

Consider also to locate the Master Bed in the Northeast sector in the room in order to harness the good Star 6. Therefore, with this improvement, the Master Bedroom is now usable.
Recommendation to improve the Feng Shui of the Master Bedroom

For your information, Star 6 is the Authority Star (武曲星), an auspicious star that governs authority power and career.

I am not saying that every bad or unfavourable sector in a property can be resolved and made usable, but at least it is worth a try to minimize the negative impact that could influence the residents with bad Feng Shui per se.

What the above 2 cases have demonstrated that the sectors in a property which is marked as bad or unfavourable could be made usable by simply making a minor relocation of the furniture or installing a useful fixture, like a shoe cabinet at the Main Door to redirect the Qi flow.

It is that subtle. There is no need to place figurines and item as Feng Shui is all about Qi flow and how it is being funnelled into and circulates within the property.

For interested homeowners who require to further improve their property Feng Shui, you might consider the more detailed Property consultation. For those who are looking out for new properties, you might just considering the EZ-Property Selection Consultation to further ascertain which are the better units for you and your loved ones.

Remember, it is always good to
Select Your Dream Home right at the First Time...

But, it is never too late to improve one to
Help Achieving Your Own Goals in Life...

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