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Do you have a Bright Hall for Good Feng Shui?

Bright Hall protected by the Left and Right Embraces. Marina Bay Singapore
The Bright Hall (明堂) is not about brightening your living hall with more lights to have good Feng Shui, but an open space when the life energy or Qi can gather so that people can benefit from it and enable them to "see" more opportunities, and foster to steer towards their endeavours in life.

There is a Chinese saying: 明堂容万马,富贵传天下. This literally translated as: If a vast open space (in this case we call it the Bright Hall or Ming-Tang) is able to gather ten of thousands of horses, then prosperity and wealth will be made known to the world.

Marina Bay, Singapore
In today contexts, this means that if there is a vast open space for Qi to gather or collect, then prosperity and wealth will fall upon you; in this case many of the commercial and residential entities surrounding the Marina Bay Waterfront, could benefit from this structure. In additional, the Bright Hall is also being protected by the Left and Right embraces; these refers to the building structures surrounding the water, conforming to the fundamental principle of Feng Shui: 藏风聚气.

In the Classic, the Burial Book (葬书) written by Guo-Pu, there is an important Feng Shui verse: 乘风散,界水则止. It means that Qi is dispersed by the Wind and gathers at the boundary of Water. Guo-Pu also stated that Water besides being able to navigate and delivery the Qi, but also able to collect and contain Qi in a specific location. This shows the important of using Water in Classical Feng Shui. This describes the above structure where Qi is gathered in the Marina Bay with the Buildings embracing and surrounding the Water, locking the Qi in the vicinity.

This might be probably one of the reasons why the Central Business District, Government Agencies and Ministries are located near this vicinity, denoting that the external environment plays an important role in fostering business opportunities and endeavours, and most importantly the water in this vicinity is clear.

Always be mindful that Feng Shui is a Metaphysical Science that involves the Environment and Usability of the Space, and not an item-based studies....

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