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How do you know a person is more prone to Lung related sickness?

A person who has a lot of 1’s (3 or more) in the region marked in green is more prone to lung related problems. In Science of Numbers, number 1 and 6 denote Metal element and lung can be related to Metal.

Who is She?
She was a famous Taiwanese singer, born in Taoyuan County, Taiwan. She enjoyed a high profile in the Chinese community as a well-known entertainers, singer, actress and variety show host, and reputated as the Queen of Hats (帽子歌后). In 3 Jan 2012, she died owing to lung cancer in Hong Kong.

More Analysis About Her

She had 2 sets of 18 combinations, indictating that she was very passionate with their career and she might prefer to work what she like and retirement is not a word to be found in her dictionary.

The combination of 123 has the quality and charisma to become a successful celebrity. With this power of 123, it is definite an asset to be in the “Talking” Business/Career, a combination that supports opportunities to be made by the millions. This conforms that she was a famous and popular public figure in the entertainment industry.

Based on the Science of Numbers and her date of birth, the Life Chart also indicates that she was an organized and systematic person, and unfortunately a risk of shorter lifespan with a lot of 1s appearing in the “centre” as shown in her Chart. Although no one can predict a person expected lifespan, this provides the person with an awareness to keep watch of his or her health. Co-incidentally, with reference to her Chinese Bazi (八子) Natal Chart, her current 10 years luck cycle pillar also crashes her month pillar (天克地冲), a tell-tale sign which would indicate a more cautious 10 years period from 56 to  65 for her.

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