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The Story of Clementi Towers and its Environment

Aerial View of Clementi with the Hills in the North and Water in the Southwest
Recently, I was engaged to assess a new unit in Clementi Towers. This new high-floor HDB Apartment is located just above The Clementi Mall.

The property is a Northeast facing (NE3 - 寅向申坐) 3-Room flat, with a fantastic frontage view seeing the highlands over the skyline in the Northeast direction and Water in the Southwest of the unit, looking out from the Kitchen windows and Service Balcony. In Period 8 (八运 - from 2004 – 2023), for a house to be timely (当运) and enjoys good Feng Shui luck in this period, it is preferred to have Mountains, Hills or Highlands in the Northeast and Water in the Southwest.

A fantastic frontage overseeing the highlands (in RED Outline) over the skyline from Clementi Towers
Another important positive aspect of this unit is that the Bukit Timah Hill located in the North of the unit. For a Mountain, Hill or Highland located in the North with reference to the Northeast (NE3) facing house, denotes that this house would be able to harness and benefit from the good Mountain feature as the North is regarded as the Early Heaven position (先天位) for the Northeast facing house. In Feng Shui context, a good Early Heaven position means that there is no negative or bad features looking out from your house in this direction. And of course having a greenery mountain or hill in this direction fosters good health luck for the residents. In addition, the Bukit Batok and Bukit Gombak Hills are located in the North of the apartment.

The house owner has asked me if there is a need for any placement of items, decorations or specific renovation to be done to his new home to enhance better Feng Shui luck. My advice to him is that authentic Classical Feng Shui is never an item based metaphysics, but more of a science that uses the external environment to help us in supporting our life endeavours.

The Floor Plan of a Northeast facing 3-Room apartment with the Hills and Highlands at the skyline
What he need to do is to ensure that the windows are opened so as to receive the life energies or Qi from the North and Northeast sectors. This is one house that the Main Door, the Living/Dining Area, the Master Bedroom, Bedroom 2 and the Kitchen are well-positioned conforming to the San-He Feng Shui (三合风水) principle. 

This house is good for residents to foster better health endeavours especially using the Master Bedroom, which is in affinity with the Hills in the North sector.

A Flying Stars Chart for a Period 8 NE2 facing property
For further personalization, using 8 Mansions Feng Shui (八宅风水) and He-Tu Principle (河图生成之数), the Life Gua that derives from his Date of Birth indicates that the floor level he selected supports and matches him. In addition, the arrangement of the bed in the master bedroom is positioned in accordance to his Yan-Nian (延年) direction which is one of the 4 good direction for him; a direction that supports not only good Wealth and Health luck, but also fosters longevity and good interpersonal relationship.

Based on the Flying Stars chart of the Northeast facing house, it is favourable to have water in the Southwest sector of the house, a beneficial location for wealth opportunities. Looking out from Southwest is the West Coast. This could contribute to activate the timely prosperous 8 star (旺星), and also conforming to the Direct and Indirect Spirits (零正) principle.

To complete the Property Assessment, a few good dates are also selected based on the residents' Date of Birth for the Moving-in to their new property, fulfilling the remaining puzzle - the Cosmic Trinity of Luck.

What's coming into the Clementi Neighbourhood
New housing developments are also rising in the Clementi vicinity, such as Clementi Cascadia located just opposite The Clementi Mall, Clementi Ridges and The Trilinq along Clementi Ave 6, and Clementi Gateway with units overlooking Sungei Ulu Pandan and the hills in the north. Some of the apartments in these residential developments could also benefit from this supportive external environment.

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