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How do you know a person is more prone to Lung related sickness?

A person who has a lot of 1’s (3 or more) in the region marked in green is more prone to lung related problems. In Science of Numbers, number 1 and 6 denote Metal element and lung can be related to Metal.

Who is She?
She was a famous Taiwanese singer, born in Taoyuan County, Taiwan. She enjoyed a high profile in the Chinese community as a well-known entertainers, singer, actress and variety show host, and reputated as the Queen of Hats (帽子歌后). In 3 Jan 2012, she died owing to lung cancer in Hong Kong.

More Analysis About Her

She had 2 sets of 18 combinations, indictating that she was very passionate with their career and she might prefer to work what she like and retirement is not a word to be found in her dictionary.

The combination of 123 has the quality and charisma to become a successful celebrity. With this power of 123, it is definite an asset to be in the “Talking” Business/Career, a combination that supports opportunities to be made by the millions. This conforms that she was a famous and popular public figure in the entertainment industry.

Based on the Science of Numbers and her date of birth, the Life Chart also indicates that she was an organized and systematic person, and unfortunately a risk of shorter lifespan with a lot of 1s appearing in the “centre” as shown in her Chart. Although no one can predict a person expected lifespan, this provides the person with an awareness to keep watch of his or her health. Co-incidentally, with reference to her Chinese Bazi (八子) Natal Chart, her current 10 years luck cycle pillar also crashes her month pillar (天克地冲), a tell-tale sign which would indicate a more cautious 10 years period from 56 to  65 for her.

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Does Property Investment need Feng Shui?

A Property Investment Checklist
Generally, people would agree that property for investment does not need to assess with Feng Shui. For property investment, all is important is High Capital Gain and Good Rental Yield. This is a justified statement as one would think why need Feng Shui if you are not staying in an investment property.

However, will it be better if a property is a good-valued investment and also with good Feng Shui. Hence, it would be more beneficial to the owner as the investment could also appreciate over time. Furthermore, if the property is meant for rental purpose, the tenants could also enjoy good Feng Shui, and would be endearing a “smoother” path, taking better decisions and seeking more opportunities, and may be more willing to stay on and renewing the tenancy. To the owner, it denotes a happy tenant with less problems and more stable income revenue. There is also a possibility that the tenants might even buy over the property as it would support their personal endeavors in life. A little exaggerating, but not impossible.

In Feng Shui, there are Long Term and Short Term basis. For applying Short Term Feng Shui, the influence is fast, but must always review and renew as it is very dynamic and ever changing annually or take reference from a 20 years period. And for Long Term, the impact is gradual but long lasting. If the property is able to conform to both long and short terms, then it would be a perfect combination, enjoying the best of both considerations.

In this article, using The Vanderlint – a Freehold Property at the heart of Katong, as an illustration to access a 2 Bedroom with Long Term Feng Shui - Yang House 3 Essentials (阳宅三要) Feng Shui principle and Short Term Feng Shui using Xuan Kong Flying Stars (玄空飞星).

Recently, I've assessed an unit in this newly launched project. This property enjoys good Feng Shui on a long term basis, and it is beneficial to the residents. In Feng Shui, this can be qualified as a Yan-Nian House (延年), a good Feng Shui property with the Main Door and Kitchen in the South and Master Bedroom located in the North sector of the unit. They are all situated in good locations in the property, with good affinity and supporting each other, fostering good people and wealth luck in Feng Shui context.

2 Bedroom Property in the The Vanderlint, a Freehold Development
at the heart of Katong conforming to Long Term Feng Shui principle.
阳宅三要: 离门坎主: 阴阳正配富贵局. 大门吉灶相比和,大吉.

To further qualify this property, with reference to the Period 8 Flying Stars chart of this Northeast facing property, it also indicates that the Main Door, Kitchen/Stove, both Bedrooms as well as the living area are all well positioned in the good sectors of the property. If you are learned with Flying Stars, we would want to have Good Timing stars (旺星) to be in the important and usable sectors, and in this property, many of these good Stars are residing in these sectors. Here, the Stars are referring to the calculated Life Energy or Qi residing in these areas within the property.
2 Bedroom Property in the The Vanderlint, a Freehold Development
at the heart of Katong conforming to Xuan Kong Flying Stars principle.
This of course can only be realized with the support of external environment which contribute about 70% of the external Feng Shui assessment which was mentioned in my earlier article: Selecting a Good Property – Enhancing Wealth and Good Fortune from the Environment, which discusses the external aspect of this residential development.

The bottom line is to have a property with good Feng Shui whether for long term or short term, for investment or home-stay. In Feng Shui, the 3 most important areas in the property that need attention are the Main Door, Main Bedroom and the Kitchen/Stove. As long as these areas are well-positioned in the good sectors conforming to Feng Shui principles, then the rest of the interior decorations, paint works, etc are just your preferences.

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