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Is it always good to have your property near Water?

Jurong Lake District - Source from URA
In Feng Shui, there is a popular Chinese saying: 山管人丁,水管财 (literally translated as Mountain governs People luck, and Water governs Wealth luck). This statement emphasizes the important of water and mountain that contributes to a good fortune and prosperous property.

Therefore, it is favourable to have water near your property. Real Estate Properties like landed-properties, private apartments and condominiums will definitely be fetching a higher premium when near water than those without owing to the scenic waterfront view in front of your doorstep.

However, as every coin has 2 sides, so does water. If water is not located to the correct location with reference to your property in the specific period, instead of ushering good wealth luck to you, it might encounter money and people problems instead. In this article, we will review where should water be located or be seen with respect to your property in this current period in order to avoid these problematic issues.

In the study of Xuan Kong Feng Shui, there is a Chinese saying: 正神正位装,泼水入零堂. This verse emphasizes the important of water in the indirect spirit sector. In simple words, it said that it will be auspicious to have water or able to ‘see’ water in the indirect spirit (零神) sector.

The Indirect and Direct spirits (零神, 正神) principle is not about any deities or ghosts, but a terminology that defines which sectors are good to have water and mountains with respect to the property in a specific period of time.

Here water can be referred to Real Lake, Reservoir, Swimming Pool, low ground,etc, while Mountains can be referred to Real Mountains, Hills, higher grounds, etc.

In Period 8 (2004 – 2023), water will be best to be in the Southwest and mountains in the Northeast taking reference to your property.

If water and mountains are not seen in these sectors. It will also be beneficial to see water in the North, East, and Southeast regions besides Southwest to your property to be classified as a good property till year 2043. Properties with mountains in the South, West, and Northwest regions other than the Northeast to your property is also favourable till year 2043.

Bedok Reservoir and its surroundings
If water and mountain are timely located in the correct areas in the specific period of time, for e.g. when there is water in the Southwest of the property and mountains or higher ground in the Northeast, then this property is timely in this current period (from 2004 - 2023), and the resident will generally enjoy good fortune and luck, able to recognize and grab more opportunities, which lead to increase in wealth creation and improve the well-being of oneself and their family members.

As an example, the following is a short list of Education Institutions and Private Condominiums that are near the Bedok Reservoir Park which are timely located either Southwest or North with respect to these buildings.

Residential development like Waterview and The Tropica as well as Temasek Polytechnic, an educational institution in the vicinity are tapping onto the Reservoir Water in the Southwest direction. As for Archipelago, Waterfront Gold, Waterfront Isle and Waterfront Key, these residential development together with Damai Secondary School, are tapping onto the Water in the North direction and they will prosperous for 20 years starting from 2024Feng Shui per se.

A piece of advice. At times, it’s just not your luck to meet a property that favours you. Don't be despair, don't give out, and just keep trying. Happy house hunting ...

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

How do you know a person is very hardworking and will not retire in his work?

A person who has 18 (inside and/or outside) is usually very hardworking and will not have an early retirement plan in work or career.

Who is he?
He was an Australian television personality, wildlife expert, and conservationist.

He loved what he was doing and had achieved worldwide fame from the television series The Crocodile Hunter, an internationally broadcast wildlife documentary series co-hosted with his wife. Together, the couple also co-owned and operated Australia Zoo, founded by his parents in Queensland.

He was a passionate conservationist and believed in promoting environmentalism by sharing his excitement about the natural world rather than preaching to people.

Sad to say that on 4 September 2006, he was fatally pierced in the chest by a stingray spine at the Great Barrier Reef. He was then 44 years old.
Source from Wiki.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Is your property ushering Good Wealth and People luck?

There is a saying: "近山贵, 近水富", literally means if your property is near the mountain, you will be prosperous; if near the water, then you will be wealthy. If you pay a little more attention, you will realize that there are lots of luxury and high-end properties and apartments near Mountains; e.g. Bukit Timah, Bukit Batok, and/or near ‘Water’; e.g. properties near the reservoir catchment-areas in the Central region, like the MacRitche Reservoirs, the Pierce Reservoir, and in the East, e.g. the Bedok Reservoir etc.

Boat Quay - Singapore
 'Water' can be real pond, lake, swimming pool, etc. This will bring good money luck (旺财) to the property's residence. If there is no real 'water' in the vicinity, roads and low flat grounds like gardens, parks are considered as virtual water. The low flat grounds in front of your property can acts as an external bright hall (外明堂), a vast open-space where Qi (natural life energy) can gather and hopeful with the right main door facing, ushering the Qi to your property. Whether it is real or virtual 'Water', it must be 'sentimental' or slow moving to be auspicious, not 'merciless and aggressive'; such as monsoon drains, water or roads 'crashing' directly to the property is not good Feng Shui.

Mount Faber and Telok Blangah
If the properties are near to Mountains or Hills, ensure that these are green and healthy. This will bring good people luck (旺人丁) to the residence staying in the property. 'Mountains' can be real mountains, hills, high ground, etc. If there are no real ones in the vicinity, high-rise and huge buildings may be considered as virtual mountains. However, if there are real mountains, then they must be considered first, as buildings are after all virtual.

In summary, properties near ‘healthy green mountains’ and ‘slow-moving clear water’ are generally graded as auspicious and highly-valued as they will bring good people and wealth luck to the residents. From the Classical Feng Shui viewpoint, besides the external environment, the Building structure, the Residents and Time also play important roles in fostering a good investment as well as a good living property for you and your loved ones.

In the coming article, we will review where water should best be located or be "seen" with respect to your property vicinity in order to harness Good Wealth and People Luck.

If you are currently searching for a property in the east, do you also want to know which recently launched Condominiums to the public, which are surrounding the Reservoir, benefiting from the external environment and riding on this good timely current period? So watch out in the coming article.

For more details in selecting a good property as a living home with Feng Shui, do drop me an email at

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Do you want a good-value Living Property?

Good FengShui Property (ShengQi House-生气宅)
for long term investment or living
Main Door, Kitchen/Stove at Southwest
Master Bedroom at Northeast
 This article is dedicated to home-buyers who are searching and screening for a good property as investment or a good living home for their family and loved ones. As a home-buyers, it will be better to buy a good property in the first place rather than getting one and later need a lot “remedial action or fixing”. Don't you agree?

In Yang House Feng Shui (阳宅风水)*, whether it applies to apartment or landed-property, the Main Door, the Master Bedroom and the Kitchen/Stove are the 3 most important places in our house, and it would be best to have these places located in the good sectors in order to achieve good property Feng Shui.

In Yang House Three Essentials Classic (阳宅三要), it mentioned that these 3 important places can be accessed to grade for their auspiciousness and harmonious relationship among the Main Door, the Master Bedroom and the Kitchen.

Main Door
This is the entrance that links the external environment into our living homes. In Feng Shui, this is the “Qi mouth” that channels the natural energy from the outside into the inside of our house. It will be best if the Main Door is located in a good sector so that good natural energies or “Qi” can be ushered into and circulate within the property.

Master Bedroom
Usually one-third of our daily time is spent on sleeping so that we can rest, recharge and prepare ourselves for next day activities and challenges. Therefore, it is best to have the Master Bedroom located in a good sector in our house.

Bad FengShui Property (JueMing House-绝命宅)
for long term investment or living
Main Door, Kitchen/Stove at East
Master Bedroom at West
Kitchen governs our health as most if not all of the sickness or health issues are caused by the food that we eat. And the Kitchen is usually the place that cooks our food; as such it will be preferred to have the Kitchen located in the good sectors of the house; they are the ShengQi, the YanNian and the TianYi sectors.

In general, the kitchen that is located in the ShengQi sector is called the ShengQi Kitchen (生气灶), located in the YanNian sector is called the YanNian Kitchen (延年灶), located in the TianYi sector is called the TianYi Kitchen (天医灶). These good sectors are taken with reference to the Main Door.

The ShengQi Kitchen can improve and enhance career advancement opportunities, academic luck and wealth luck. The YanNian Kitchen on the other hand, can improve longevity and wealth luck. And the TianYi Kitchen would improve health, marriage and fertility luck, fostering good interpersonal relationship as well as for those people that need faster recovery from their sickness. These three kitchens are classified as the Three Auspicious Kitchen (三吉灶).

According to the Classic (阳宅三要), the house can also be classified into 8 type of houses based on relationship quality between the Main Door and the Master Bedroom. The three most auspicious combinations are the ShengQi House (生气宅), the YanNian House (延年宅) and the TianYi House (天医宅) where the Master bedroom is located in the ShengQi, YanNian or TianYi sectors of the house with respect to the Main Door. These three houses are classified as the Three Auspicious House (三吉宅). Generally, these houses foster good wealth and people luck; enhancing better interpersonal relationship among the family members.

In short, if you have ensure that the 3 most important places in a property; i.e. the Main Door, the Master Bedroom and the Kitchen are located in the good sectors, then your Feng Shui for the property is almost done. You need not design and transform your property into a “mini Forbidden City” with auspicious items and figurines, like Dragons, Phoenixes or crystal mountains, etc.

For a good Property Feng Shui, it not only involves the internal portion of the Property, but also depends on the External environment that supports this property, which in turn affects the well being of the residents.

For more details in selecting a good property as a living home with Feng Shui, do drop me an email at

Good Luck and Happy Home-Hunting!

* Note:
1. Yang House Feng Shui refers to Feng Shui practice for the living people.
2 ShengQi refers to 生气, YanNian refers to 延年, TianYi refers to 天医.
3. In the texts, the terms house and property are referring to the same meaning, unless it is specifically explained.

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Are the Stars shining over you ?

A Floor Layout with all 3 essentials of a home are well-positioned
In Feng Shui, there is a saying: The Form affects the Stars and the Stars in turn will affect the people. The form here is referring to the external environment and the stars are referring to the Qi or energies residing in the property which are harnessed from the external. This can be explained that for a property with good Qi or energies within, the external environment plays an important role in determining a Good Feng Shui property. And these energies that are ushered into the property would influence the residents well-being. Hence, a good external environment will support good energies and in turns support and providing the residents with a better living space.

To further enhance the Feng Shui within the property, we can made use of Li Qi (理气) formula to further ascertain and ensure that the Main Door, Main Bedroom and the Kitchen/Stove are properly located in the property.

A Basic Property FengShui Assessment Analyzer
If you can recall in the earlier article: Finding A Good Feng Shui Property, I have mentioned that the Southeast facing property looking over the river is a better choice based on the external environment.

As an illustration, the above floorplan is a Southeast facing property, with the Main Door and Kitchen/Stove located in the West and the Main Bedroom located in the Northeast. With reference to Yang House 3 Essentials (阳宅三要) Principles, this is a property with good Feng Shui quotient; i.e. it provides a good affinity relationship between the Main Door, Main Bedroom and Kitchen/Stove. This can be defined as a Yan Nian Property (延年宅), an auspicious Property which denotes good people and wealth luck.

In summary, if you have managed to select a good property in the first place, then you would have already done your “Feng Shui” for your property subtly without even people knowing it, and there is no need to fix and placement of expensive objects. You just don’t need to transform your home into a mini Chinese Restaurant.

For more details in selecting a good property as a living home with Feng Shui, do drop me an email at

Good Luck and Happy House Hunting...

For those who are considering upgrading or getting a new flat in a few years time, check here to find out more.

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