Sunday, February 6, 2011

Are the Stars shining over you ?

A Floor Layout with all 3 essentials of a home are well-positioned
In Feng Shui, there is a saying: The Form affects the Stars and the Stars in turn will affect the people. The form here is referring to the external environment and the stars are referring to the Qi or energies residing in the property which are harnessed from the external. This can be explained that for a property with good Qi or energies within, the external environment plays an important role in determining a Good Feng Shui property. And these energies that are ushered into the property would influence the residents well-being. Hence, a good external environment will support good energies and in turns support and providing the residents with a better living space.

To further enhance the Feng Shui within the property, we can made use of Li Qi (理气) formula to further ascertain and ensure that the Main Door, Main Bedroom and the Kitchen/Stove are properly located in the property.

A Basic Property FengShui Assessment Analyzer
If you can recall in the earlier article: Finding A Good Feng Shui Property, I have mentioned that the Southeast facing property looking over the river is a better choice based on the external environment.

As an illustration, the above floorplan is a Southeast facing property, with the Main Door and Kitchen/Stove located in the West and the Main Bedroom located in the Northeast. With reference to Yang House 3 Essentials (阳宅三要) Principles, this is a property with good Feng Shui quotient; i.e. it provides a good affinity relationship between the Main Door, Main Bedroom and Kitchen/Stove. This can be defined as a Yan Nian Property (延年宅), an auspicious Property which denotes good people and wealth luck.

In summary, if you have managed to select a good property in the first place, then you would have already done your “Feng Shui” for your property subtly without even people knowing it, and there is no need to fix and placement of expensive objects. You just don’t need to transform your home into a mini Chinese Restaurant.

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Good Luck and Happy House Hunting...

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