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Is it always good to have your property near Water?

Jurong Lake District - Source from URA
In Feng Shui, there is a popular Chinese saying: 山管人丁,水管财 (literally translated as Mountain governs People luck, and Water governs Wealth luck). This statement emphasizes the important of water and mountain that contributes to a good fortune and prosperous property.

Therefore, it is favourable to have water near your property. Real Estate Properties like landed-properties, private apartments and condominiums will definitely be fetching a higher premium when near water than those without owing to the scenic waterfront view in front of your doorstep.

However, as every coin has 2 sides, so does water. If water is not located to the correct location with reference to your property in the specific period, instead of ushering good wealth luck to you, it might encounter money and people problems instead. In this article, we will review where should water be located or be seen with respect to your property in this current period in order to avoid these problematic issues.

In the study of Xuan Kong Feng Shui, there is a Chinese saying: 正神正位装,泼水入零堂. This verse emphasizes the important of water in the indirect spirit sector. In simple words, it said that it will be auspicious to have water or able to ‘see’ water in the indirect spirit (零神) sector.

The Indirect and Direct spirits (零神, 正神) principle is not about any deities or ghosts, but a terminology that defines which sectors are good to have water and mountains with respect to the property in a specific period of time.

Here water can be referred to Real Lake, Reservoir, Swimming Pool, low ground,etc, while Mountains can be referred to Real Mountains, Hills, higher grounds, etc.

In Period 8 (2004 – 2023), water will be best to be in the Southwest and mountains in the Northeast taking reference to your property.

If water and mountains are not seen in these sectors. It will also be beneficial to see water in the North, East, and Southeast regions besides Southwest to your property to be classified as a good property till year 2043. Properties with mountains in the South, West, and Northwest regions other than the Northeast to your property is also favourable till year 2043.

Bedok Reservoir and its surroundings
If water and mountain are timely located in the correct areas in the specific period of time, for e.g. when there is water in the Southwest of the property and mountains or higher ground in the Northeast, then this property is timely in this current period (from 2004 - 2023), and the resident will generally enjoy good fortune and luck, able to recognize and grab more opportunities, which lead to increase in wealth creation and improve the well-being of oneself and their family members.

As an example, the following is a short list of Education Institutions and Private Condominiums that are near the Bedok Reservoir Park which are timely located either Southwest or North with respect to these buildings.

Residential development like Waterview and The Tropica as well as Temasek Polytechnic, an educational institution in the vicinity are tapping onto the Reservoir Water in the Southwest direction. As for Archipelago, Waterfront Gold, Waterfront Isle and Waterfront Key, these residential development together with Damai Secondary School, are tapping onto the Water in the North direction and they will prosperous for 20 years starting from 2024Feng Shui per se.

A piece of advice. At times, it’s just not your luck to meet a property that favours you. Don't be despair, don't give out, and just keep trying. Happy house hunting ...

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