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What type of Property suits you Better?

Fire-element Buildings best suits for people involving in Fire-element related
careers or businesses; F&B, Technology, Media, Public Relation, etc
In Feng Shui, the buildings as shown above can be classified as Fire-element “Mountains”, owing to their “sharp” and “pointing” nature. These might impose external sha Qi to the surrounding vicinity.

These could affect your people luck, and your emotions can be easily affected, eg. bad-tempered, impulsive, easily agitated and stress, etc. These could affect your interpersonal relationship with your family members and people surrounding you. These might apply to any people within the surrounding vicinity.

The impact is worsen if your property is positioned in a specific direction which could encounter Feng Shui violations, like the 8 Killings Forces (八煞黄泉) or 8 Roads to Destructions (八路黄泉). If you are not aware of these, the names could have given you a bad feeling as these violations that could cause a negative impact to the residences in people, health and wealth luck.

For Example
If your property is South facing, and any building that “looks” threatening like those of the above mentioned fire-element building, and pointing in your property direction, then your property might have already encountered the 8 Killings Forces (八煞黄泉).

In additonal, you might also look-out whether there is any roads or waterway exiting in the Southwest or Southeast, as you might also violated the 8 Roads to Destructions (八路黄泉). This violation indicates that Life energy or Qi in this environment will be "drained" away from these roads or waterway exits.  

This is an illustration showing a South-facing property violating Feng Shui Sha-Qi 
- the 8 Killings Forces (八煞黄泉) and 8 Roads to Destruction (八路黄泉).

So what type of people suit to stay in Fire-element building?
For  Fire-element building, it is best suitable for people involving in Fire-element related careers or businesses; like industries in food and beverage, beauty, media, public relations, oil and gas, technology, etc.

Iconic Building sitting on a Triangular
(Fire-Element) plot of land.

Building can be classified into the 5 elements; i.e. Fire, Earth, Water, Metal and Wood. This article uses the Fire-element building as an illustration to briefly explain its importance, the impact and violations that could encounter and the type of industries that people staying in these properties are most suitable. 

So, for those potential house-buyers, and currently hunting for your Dream Home or as a good-valued Property Investment, it will be best to also consider Feng Shui as part of your property search checklist.

For more details in selecting a good property as a living home with Feng Shui, click here to find out more about EZ Property Selection.

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