Thursday, December 1, 2016

Water - the Wealth Catalyst

Water is an important tool and essential of Feng Shui. There is numerous Feng Shui formula based on Water as it is considered an Active Component. The role of Water naturally relates to activation or movement, and therefore is to activate, circulate and move the life energy or Qi in the environment, externally or/and internally.

A practitioner would commonly use it to implement remedial actions as Feng Shui cures or enhancement for homes, as well as commercial entities.

Many people would perceive Water as Wealth. There is a Chinese saying: 近山贵,近水富 where it can be translated as “You will be blessed with good Fortune if you live near Mountains, and good Wealth luck if near Water”. Hence, properties facing water will usually command a premium comparing to those without a water or pool view.

Overlooking the Marina Reservoir from Marina Bay Financial Centre
In Feng Shui, there are many Water Feng Shui formula, and the Early and Later Heaven Water principle (先后天水法) is a Water formula widely used by Feng Shui practitioners to assess the quality of Feng Shui in the external environment. Properties conforming to Early Heaven Water principle would bring about good People luck while conforming to Later Heaven Water principle would bring about good Wealth luck.

As an illustration, some of those Residential houses (circled in Red) along the River Thames could be blessed with relatively good Feng Shui conforming to the Heavenly water principle. Residential housing developments in Area A and B with the incoming water from the West while for Area C from the North, would potentially receive the Later Heaven Water for better Wealth endeavours, provided the homes are built in certain specific directions conforming to this water formula.

Residential housing developments along River Thames, London

In the urban cities or towns where road and highways are commonly seen, generally they can be considered as “Virtual Water”. These are not the replacement of Real Water, but its importance will be more significant when there is an absence of water in the vicinity.

As an illustration, some of the apartments in this residential housing could be potentially blessed with the Later Heaven Water principle with the incoming road from the Southwest.

Residential Apartments with the road coming from the Southwest

It is important to take note that only certain specific directions would benefit from the Heavenly Water principle. As water can be a double-edge sword, it could be beneficial to the occupants, but also could be destructive. For example, Water approaching towards or exiting from the properties in a specific direction may also be violating environmental afflictions, such as the 8 Killing Force (八路黄泉), the Peach Blossom Sha (桃花煞), So beware.

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Do you have a good Qi Mouth as your Main Door?

The Main Door being the "Qi Mouth" (气口) of the property
In Feng Shui context, 3 important areas we must look for in selecting your new home are the Main Door, Bedroom and the Kitchen. It will be good to have all these areas located in the good sectors in the property. 

The Main Door is one of the most important area of the property as this is the area where we enter and exit from the property and is usually regarded as the "Qi Mouth" (气口) of the property. Should the Main Door is located in a less favourable sector, then the occupants in this house may encounter some challenges in their life path; such as great loss of wealth or financial ruin, or accidents, mishaps, etc. 

Furthermore, it will also need to couple with the negative energies of a specific year to activate these negative endeavors, such as the Five Yellow Sha (五黄煞), the 3 Killings (三煞) or the Tai-Shui (太岁). These are the annual affliction energies that will "visit" your home yearly. 

However, there is no need to worry unnecessarily as this negative sector needs to be activated by negative forms before these negative influences come into play. Examples of Negative forms could be the neighbour's building edge pointing towards your Main Door, or a lamp post directed to your Main Door should your Home is in the lower floors, etc. 

Notice the Main Door is located in the 5-2 sector of the unit and further activated by the Private Lift

Notice the Main Door is located in the 2-5 sector of the unit
As an illustration, with reference to the above 2 apartments, both East facing homes have something in common. Although the Main Door of Unit A and Unit B are located in different location, based on the House Energy map of the 2 units, their Main Doors are located in the less favourable areas. In Xuan Kong Flying Stars (玄空飞星) principle, the 5-2 or 2-5 sectors are generally regarded as less favourable sectors and the residents might endear the earlier mentioned wealth or health problems. These are Feng Shui related problems that need to be rectified or at least reducing the negative impact. 

Notice the Main Entrance is located in the 1-6 sector of the unit
On the other hand, Unit C has the Main Entrance opened in a good sector, especially supporting those working in the professional fields. Besides the Main Door, the Master Bedroom and Kitchen are also well-positioned in this apartment.

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Are you inflicted with a Feng Shui Problem?

Generally, people apply Feng Shui to their Homes and Offices with an intention to improve their current endeavours or for good fortune, while some would want to remove or at least reduce any negative impact that they are facing. There are also a large community of people whom claim that they do not practice Feng Shui and yet leading a peaceful life without encountering many major issues. Many will still “question” whether does Feng Shui work or even exist. Nevertheless, whether you believe in Feng Shui or not, many people are aware of it.

Some of the common telltale signs that Feng Shui problems that you could be facing are as follows:

If you or your family members are encountering a series of issues arise one after the others, like falling sick, and sickness could be serious and recursive after seeking medical advice. Some might face “obstacles” in your career or businesses, disharmonious relationship or sudden frequent argument among the family members or with friends, etc.

The above mentioned would happen after you have moved into your new Home or Office, or probably a construction site near your home, or a renovation work that your have done to your home, or your neighbours may have just upgraded theirs recently.

Beware if you have a construction site near your home or office as Feng Shui problems might be knocking at your door
If indeed you are fitted into any one of the above situation, then you could be most likely endearing a Feng Shui problem, and the negative influence might surface within the next 3 - 6 months or even shorter. 

The seriousness of the Feng Shui problems will also depend on the negative influence especially with the annual afflictions of the 3 Killings (三煞), Tai-Sui (太岁), Year Breaker (岁破) & 5 Yellow-sha (五黄煞). These annual afflictions could also be activated by your neighbours. So beware.
The Five Yellow and Year Breaker residing in the Northeast where the Main Door is located this year

For those whom are moving into their new homes or existing owners who may have facing the above telltale sign(s) as mentioned above, then you might consider to seek professional advice with a Feng Shui consultation to facilitate for a smoother occupancy. Click here for more details.

A detailed Feng Shui Consultation for a smoother occupancy

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Story of Clementi Towers and its Environment

Aerial View of Clementi with the Hills in the North and Water in the Southwest
Recently, I was engaged to assess a new unit in Clementi Towers. This new high-floor HDB Apartment is located just above The Clementi Mall.

The property is a Northeast facing (NE3 - 寅向申坐) 3-Room flat, with a fantastic frontage view seeing the highlands over the skyline in the Northeast direction and Water in the Southwest of the unit, looking out from the Kitchen windows and Service Balcony. In Period 8 (八运 - from 2004 – 2023), for a house to be timely (当运) and enjoys good Feng Shui luck in this period, it is preferred to have Mountains, Hills or Highlands in the Northeast and Water in the Southwest.

A fantastic frontage overseeing the highlands (in RED Outline) over the skyline from Clementi Towers
Another important positive aspect of this unit is that the Bukit Timah Hill located in the North of the unit. For a Mountain, Hill or Highland located in the North with reference to the Northeast (NE3) facing house, denotes that this house would be able to harness and benefit from the good Mountain feature as the North is regarded as the Early Heaven position (先天位) for the Northeast facing house. In Feng Shui context, a good Early Heaven position means that there is no negative or bad features looking out from your house in this direction. And of course having a greenery mountain or hill in this direction fosters good health luck for the residents. In addition, the Bukit Batok and Bukit Gombak Hills are located in the North of the apartment.

The house owner has asked me if there is a need for any placement of items, decorations or specific renovation to be done to his new home to enhance better Feng Shui luck. My advice to him is that authentic Classical Feng Shui is never an item based metaphysics, but more of a science that uses the external environment to help us in supporting our life endeavours.

The Floor Plan of a Northeast facing 3-Room apartment with the Hills and Highlands at the skyline
What he need to do is to ensure that the windows are opened so as to receive the life energies or Qi from the North and Northeast sectors. This is one house that the Main Door, the Living/Dining Area, the Master Bedroom, Bedroom 2 and the Kitchen are well-positioned conforming to the San-He Feng Shui (三合风水) principle. 

This house is good for residents to foster better health endeavours especially using the Master Bedroom, which is in affinity with the Hills in the North sector.

A Flying Stars Chart for a Period 8 NE2 facing property
For further personalization, using 8 Mansions Feng Shui (八宅风水) and He-Tu Principle (河图生成之数), the Life Gua that derives from his Date of Birth indicates that the floor level he selected supports and matches him. In addition, the arrangement of the bed in the master bedroom is positioned in accordance to his Yan-Nian (延年) direction which is one of the 4 good direction for him; a direction that supports not only good Wealth and Health luck, but also fosters longevity and good interpersonal relationship.

Based on the Flying Stars chart of the Northeast facing house, it is favourable to have water in the Southwest sector of the house, a beneficial location for wealth opportunities. Looking out from Southwest is the West Coast. This could contribute to activate the timely prosperous 8 star (旺星), and also conforming to the Direct and Indirect Spirits (零正) principle.

To complete the Property Assessment, a few good dates are also selected based on the residents' Date of Birth for the Moving-in to their new property, fulfilling the remaining puzzle - the Cosmic Trinity of Luck.

What's coming into the Clementi Neighbourhood
New housing developments are also rising in the Clementi vicinity, such as Clementi Cascadia located just opposite The Clementi Mall, Clementi Ridges and The Trilinq along Clementi Ave 6, and Clementi Gateway with units overlooking Sungei Ulu Pandan and the hills in the north. Some of the apartments in these residential developments could also benefit from this supportive external environment.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Jurong West Blossom Story

Siteplan of Jurong West Blossom with the incoming road from the Southwest

As an illustration, some of the units in Jurong West Blossom could enjoy good Feng Shui from the external environment. Those South facing units could benefit from the incoming road or “virtual water” to improve their wealth luck as they could receive Later Heaven Water (后天水). Furthermore, as Jurong Hill is in the vicinity, some of the residents could also be benefiting from this good external landform to foster better people luck (旺人丁).

Seeing Jurong Hill from afar

On the other hand, some of the North facing homes in this development may also violate external environment affliction or Sha-Qi (煞气) as they overlooking the pointing roofs of their neighbourhood buildings. Residents could be affected by these negative forms as they will be more prone to health problem relating to kidneys, ears, or blood. This is one of the negative forms when observed on-site. So beware.

Overlooking the pointing roofs from the Main Door

In any development, there are always houses that have a better Feng Shui index than the other. Hence, it will be good to select one that can help to support yours as well as your family members' life goals, and this can be fulfilled with a Feng Shui Consultation to ascertain the "well-being" of your home.

Click here for more details about a Feng Shui consultation

Friday, June 3, 2016

Is your Property enhancing Wealth with 5 Ghost?

Do you want Five Ghost to Carry Treasure to you?
In ‘Five Ghost Carry Treasure’ (五鬼运财), we are not talking about 5 ghosts carrying treasure for you, but it is just a saying in the Chinese Metaphysics classic that refers to one of well guarded trade secret which qualifies a property to be ‘blended’ into the environment auspiciously whereby it will provide residents with a ‘good’ living space to increase their wealth luck in a short time span.

In Classical Feng Shui context, the “5 Ghost” refers to the Chastity Mountain (廉贞山) and the “Treasure” refers to the Huge Door Water (巨门水), hence the verse: “山龙廉有向, 水龙巨门见水that denotes this Wealth Enhancing Technique. What its means in a simple explanation is about interacting the facing of the property with the Mountain and incoming Water in the vicinity auspiciously.

Overlooking Bukit Timah and Jurong Hill from a home in Jurong West

Example 1:
If your property is facing South (S2, 午), and there is an incoming ‘water’ flowing towards your property from the Southwest (SW3, ), and there is also mountain or hill located in the Northeast (NE2, 艮) direction, then your property could be conforming to ‘Five Ghost Carry Treasure’.
Five Ghost Carry Treasure (五鬼运财) – a powerful wealth enhancing tools in Classical Feng Shui

This technique can also be applied for your home or commercial offices to bring wealth luck. However, there is a need to interpret the direction, mountain and water a little differently.

Example 2:
The Office layout could be conforming to ‘Five Ghost Carry Treasure’; i.e. the Office door is the ‘Water’ in the Southeast (SE2, ), and with the tall, heavy file cabinet in the Southwest (SW2, ) as ‘Mountain’. The Desk and Chair where you will be seated is facing East (E2, ).
Five Ghost Carry Treasure (五鬼运财) can be implemented in Homes and Commercial Offices for Wealth Luck.

Using with Other Metaphysics system
The effect is even more obvious when other systems of Feng Shui are also incorporated into the analysis. As in Example 1 illustrated above, the locations of the Mountain and Water also conforms to the Xuan Kong Flying Stars (玄空飞星) where the Southwest and Northeast are currently 'Timing' and suitable to have ‘Water’ and “Mountain’ in these locations respectively. In additional, an auspicious date (吉日) must also be selected to initiate this wealth-enhancing technique.  

Five Ghost Carry Treasure’ being one of the most powerful tools in wealth enhancement, is rather complex. It will take some experience to implement it correctly to get the best possible result.

For those who are interested to grow your wealth in Feng Shui, you can contact a qualified Feng Shui practitioner to assess your property with this Wealth Enhancing Principle, or you can engage a Property Consultation to know more about your Home Story, its Strength and Capabilities as well as its weakness. Click here for details.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Where is your Intelligence Sector?

Where is your Intelligence Sector (文昌位)?
The Intelligence Sector or commonly known as Wen-Chang Wei (文昌位) is for anyone who wants to improve their intelligence, to assist in excelling in their academic pursuit or study luck. Generally, anyone can tap into this sector to improve their wisdom and hopefully assist to open their minds, seeking for more opportunities and better decision-making.

How to Tap to the Intelligence Sector?
In order to tap to this, we can have the study room situated in this sector, study desk locating in this place, facing this direction, or simply stay more often in this sector for your study.

In the olden days, some Feng Shui masters do suggest that in order to improve academic luck, one can also place various types of writing brushes/pens or various types of writing stationeries (文房四宝in the Intelligence Sector. Some would recommend having water-filled vase with 4 water-grown plants, like the Dracaena Sanderiana and commonly known as the Lucky Bamboo (富贵竹). Alternatively, some simply place a fish tank in this sector.

A more subtle method to tap to the Intelligence Sector
is to simply spent more time in that area.

There are also a few ways you can harness the Intelligence Sector. They are as follows:

Property’s Intelligence Sector (房宅文昌位)
This is always fixed with respect to the property. This is beneficial to the all the family’s members. The Intelligence Sector can be based on the your house's orientation conforming to Xuan Kong Flying Stars principle. For example, if your house is facing South, the Intelligence Sector of your house is generally in the Northeast.

Annual Intelligence Sector (流年文昌位)
This is dynamic, and the influential strength is stronger. However, this is a little troublesome, as the Intelligence sector will change every year. In 2015, it is in the Northwest sector, and in 2016 it is in the West.

This uses your personal natal chart details or Bazi (八字). In simple terms, it uses your Year or Day of birth. This is more popular and commonly used by people as compare to the other 2 ways. The reason is that this has a stronger effect on you as it represents you as an individual. Furthermore, you do not need to change the Intelligence sector every year.

Personal Intelligence Sector (个人文昌位)
The Personal Intelligence sector is more for people who know how to compute with their personal natal chart details or Bazi

To make things simpler, I have consolidated the Intelligence Sector based on the Year of Birth as shown below. 
Table showing your Personal Intelligence sector with respect to the last digit of your Year of Birth.

Example #1
If your child is born in 2004, then his or her Intelligence sector is in the Southeast sector (SE3) of your house.

Example #2
If you are born in 1969, then your Intelligence sector is in the West sector (W2) of your house.

To get things more personal, you can also determine your Personal Intelligence sector with your Day of Birth. Regardless of what's your computation, it is best to have your Study place/desk in the Intelligence sector. If it is not possible, you can consider using this area more often, like surf the internet with your Notebook or Tablet, reading a book or newspaper in this sector; just simply spent more time in this space. 

If you are not sure, then you can still fall back on the first 2 ways; i.e. the Property’s Intelligence sector (宅文昌位) and the Annual Intelligence Sector (流年文昌位). Alternatively, you might consider seeking professional advice from a Feng Shui consultant. So till then, happy study luck…

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