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What type of Property suits you Better?

Fire-element Buildings best suits for people involving in Fire-element related
careers or businesses; F&B, Technology, Media, Public Relation, etc
In Feng Shui, the buildings as shown above can be classified as Fire-element “Mountains”, owing to their “sharp” and “pointing” nature. These might impose external sha Qi to the surrounding vicinity.

These could affect your people luck, and your emotions can be easily affected, eg. bad-tempered, impulsive, easily agitated and stress, etc. These could affect your interpersonal relationship with your family members and people surrounding you. These might apply to any people within the surrounding vicinity.

The impact is worsen if your property is positioned in a specific direction which could encounter Feng Shui violations, like the 8 Killings Forces (八煞黄泉) or 8 Roads to Destructions (八路黄泉). If you are not aware of these, the names could have given you a bad feeling as these violations that could cause a negative impact to the residences in people, health and wealth luck.

For Example
If your property is South facing, and any building that “looks” threatening like those of the above mentioned fire-element building, and pointing in your property direction, then your property might have already encountered the 8 Killings Forces (八煞黄泉).

In additonal, you might also look-out whether there is any roads or waterway exiting in the Southwest or Southeast, as you might also violated the 8 Roads to Destructions (八路黄泉). This violation indicates that Life energy or Qi in this environment will be "drained" away from these roads or waterway exits.  

This is an illustration showing a South-facing property violating Feng Shui Sha-Qi 
- the 8 Killings Forces (八煞黄泉) and 8 Roads to Destruction (八路黄泉).

So what type of people suit to stay in Fire-element building?
For  Fire-element building, it is best suitable for people involving in Fire-element related careers or businesses; like industries in food and beverage, beauty, media, public relations, oil and gas, technology, etc.

Iconic Building sitting on a Triangular
(Fire-Element) plot of land.

Building can be classified into the 5 elements; i.e. Fire, Earth, Water, Metal and Wood. This article uses the Fire-element building as an illustration to briefly explain its importance, the impact and violations that could encounter and the type of industries that people staying in these properties are most suitable. 

So, for those potential house-buyers, and currently hunting for your Dream Home or as a good-valued Property Investment, it will be best to also consider Feng Shui as part of your property search checklist.

For more details in selecting a good property as a living home with Feng Shui, click here to find out more about EZ Property Selection.

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Investing the Right Property for your Trade and Business Growth?

Oxley Tower at Robinson Road, Singapore
Using the Oxley Tower @ Robinson Road as an illustration, this 32-Storey Shopping / Office Freehold Development is well-positioned with Robinson Square and Capital Tower embracing from the right, Parakou Building from the left and GB Building supporting from the back. In additional, the Commerz Real serves as a Table Mountain (案山) in the front to lock in the Qi.

With the development facing Southeast, and the incoming road from the Southwest (SW1) or South (S3), it could be either receiving the Huge Door Water (巨门水) conforming to the Assistant Star Transformation Water Method (辅星水法), a Water Assessment principle from San-He Feng Shui (三合风水). The shop and office owners as well as the people working in this building could benefit from this “water”, enjoys good Feng Shui and harnessing these Qi from the environment. It enhances Wealth creation, Good Health and Longevity as it is governed by the Tian-Yi (天医) auspicious Qi or Life Energy.

The Oxley Tower could be receiving the Auspicious Qi from the Incoming SW / S Road.
It is “well-protected” with embraces from the Left, Right and Back,
as well as the Table Mountain in front, conforming to Feng Shui principles.
For the business owners, with 237 units of office spaces and shops comprising 3 Storey Podium and 29 Storey Tower to choose from, how do you know which Floor levels and units best suit your business. Some would say that units in the higher floors are the best, while some have no preference for property investment so long as it has good rental yield and high capital gain appreciation. Yes, I do agree that these are important considerations, and at the same time, if you are also able to qualify your unit(s) with good Feng Shui, would it be a better option?

For those business owners who will be buying it to operate their own businesses, it might help in your business growth and should you need to upgrade to a bigger office space and decide to sell this office unit, it will definitely command a better price with a better Feng Shui unit than one that isn’t. Don’t you agree?
Oxley Tower at Robinson Road
comprising 3 Storey Podium
and 29 Storey Tower

Which Floor is best for your Business?
Do you know that in Feng Shui context, different trades or business can be more suitable in specific floor levels? For Example, a travel agency is best suitable to be located in Floor levels ending with 1 and 6. Hence, it this trade is best to have their offices located in the 1st, 6th, 11th, 16th storey, etc. Another example will be Café and Restaurant, besides having their shops in the Ground floor, it is also preferred to have them in the 2nd storey, as it is related to the fire element.

How to Transform an Office conforming to Feng Shui principle?
Example 1
With reference to Xuan Kong Period 8 Flying Star (玄空飞星) principle, for a SE facing property, it is best to have the main door or main entrance of the shop to be in the Northwest or West sector to tap into the current auspicious Qi or life energy. Another good sector to have your Main Door is the Southwest sector. This sector is generally more favorable to entrepreneurs and business owners, as it fosters stronger opportunities for business growth. If the Main Door is not possible to be located here, at least have your cashier counter or placement of water; like an aquarium in this Southwest sector to activate this sector.

The following illustration shows that the Unit A and Unit C are better units than Unit B, as the Main Door is opened in the West sector, tapping to the prosperous Qi – it is the Star 9 (九紫星), an auspicious star which fosters happy events and new happenings. It is the secondary wealth star in the current period till 2023, and also the Wealth star from 2024 to 2043. Hence, in the Long-term basis, opening the Main Door in this sector will enjoy Feng Shui for the next 30 years till 2043.
Unit A and Unit C are assessed as good Feng Shui properties,
while Unit B is not up to the mark.

If you owned Unit B, then it is not the end of the world or a “bad buy”, as this can be easily rectified to be a good unit as the Unit A and Unit C. In fact, Unit B could be a better unit then Unit A, if the unit is properly fixed with Feng Shui principle by simply seals the current door and reopens the new Main Door of Unit B on the same side but leaning towards Unit C.
Although Unit B is initial assess as bad Feng Shui, but in fact it could be a
better unit than Unit A after it is properly fixed with Feng Shui principle.
Example 2
The following illustration shows 4 Office units. Their Main Doors (circled in Green), as usually the Chinese put it, is the mouth to your property. What goes into the mouth or rather the Qi entering into your property has a significant effect on your health and well-being. A good Main Door plays an important factor in deciding whether the Office Unit enjoys good Feng Shui. Hence, with reference to the Main Door, are you able to ascertain which is the better unit?

It is rather obvious that Office A is a better unit among the Office Units as its Main Door is in the West sector. Based on the Xuan Kong Flying Star (玄空飞星) Chart, this can be qualified as a good Main Door, and hence Office A could enjoy better Feng Shui. Although the rest of the 3 Office Units may seem not reaching the mark, but again with a simple remedial correction at their Main Door areas, these units could also be enjoying good Feng Shui too.

Initial assessment shows that Office A is a better choice,
but with a simple remedial correction to the Main Door,
the rest of the Office units could also conform to good Feng Shui.
This is an Office Floorplan of Oxley Tower. 

Implementing Feng Shui to a Commercial property is no different comparing to the Residential counterparts. You don’t need to place items or figurines, like lions, dragons, or pi-xiu, etc. Imagine if there are 2 properties for sales, one is tagged with good Feng Shui and the other not, which one would arouse a better interest and a price to offer? Hence, whether for Business Growth, Higher Rental yield or Capital Gain appreciation, it is always good to consider implementing Feng Shui principle in selecting Commercial and Residential properties.

Something to Think About….
With the Qi Mouth as well as the Main Water Mouth – Marina Waterfront in the Northeast, office space and shops located in a specific sector of the building can be qualified to be better units as they have better affinity with the external environment. Therefore, should these units are also conform to the above-mentioned Xuan Kong Flying Star principle (玄空飞星), and further coupled with the right floor level for your business trade, then this will be your choice units, the perfect match!

For interested business owners who require to further improve their Commercial or Industrial Property Feng Shui, you might consider the more Detailed Property consultation. For those who are looking out for new properties, you might just considering the EZ-Property Selection Consultation to further ascertain which are the better shops or office units for your business and trade.

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