Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The impact of Jade Belt Water in your backyard

River Thames embracing Canary Wharf in London, forming a Jade Belt Water formation

Jade Belt Water is where water or road curves, surrounding the property or development, embracing it. It is like an ancient high ranking official with a jade belt around his waist. From the Feng Shui perspective, the residents will be blessed with good fortune and career prospects as well as wealth abundances. Hence, it is highly favorable to have this feature in the vicinity of your property.

To benefit from this water formation, your property must be located on the inner curve, facing the Jade Belt water.

A Chinese Verse about Jade Belt Water:
玉带环腰是风水学,术语,也称之为“腰带水”. 楼宇有情相绕,就以居者非贵则富多主事业成功,财运亨通.

More Illustrations of Jade Belt Water formation

Klang River embracing Mid Valley City in Kuala Lumpur, forming a Jade Belt Water formation

Singapore River embracing Riviere in Singapore, forming a Jade Belt Water formation

The Feng Shui Case Study of Riviere and how this new development can benefit from the meandering Singapore River was shared in the recent workshop. Besides the effect of the river contour, more is discussed what both residential towers could potentially benefit the residents from this external water feature. 

Sharing the impact of the river embracing Riviere, the new development in Jiak Kim Street, Singapore

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