Friday, March 15, 2019

The Power of Mountain and Water for Wealth

The presence of Mountain or Hill and Water bodies are important environmental features in the vicinity of your residence. And if your property is aligned to the right directional facing, then there is a high chance that the residents could be blessed with relatively good health and wealth abundances.

Overlooking Bukit Timah Nature Reserve from the West Coast of Singapore

Water bodies in the vicinity where natural energy or Qi can gather

"When Mountain and Water are well-located with your home and further compliment with the right House facing, then your Property can enjoy Bountiful Wealth Opportunities"

Using Whistler Grand, as an illustration, this development is well-located overlooking Bukit Timah Hill in the Northeast and Pandan Reservoir Southwest. Besides, it could enjoy relatively good Feng Shui with these external features for the next 20 years till 2043, some of the residential homes in this development may also conform to Five Ghost Carry Treasure (五鬼运财), a closely guarded Feng Shui trade secret that can potentially usher mass amount of wealth opportunities. 

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So be more observant to the external surrounding of your home for positive external features like hills, ridges or water bodies, as there could be a hidden gem somewhere nearby waiting for you to unlock the Full Potential of your Property for Wealth and Health. 

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