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Finding your Loved Ones with Numbers

Love at Hand – a web application developed based on Numbers

Have you been hearing cases about Love at first sight and then flash marriage, while some would have been very much in love and be together for many years and then eventually go on separate ways.

Well, when it comes to finding your loved ones, some will say let’s nature take its course while some will say whether for good or bad, it’s their destiny. But if there are ways to enable you to be aware of what’s the possibility of a better match, will you be interested? I believe the answer is obvious.

Numerology is one of many ways that can help you to qualify your prospective Mr or Mrs Right. Although it cannot dictate your free will and decision making, it can at least provide a good indication for a better understanding of your loved ones.

The following examples serve as illustrations showing the Interaction and Compatibility Index between 2 individuals with their Date of Births using Love at Hand - a web application developed based on Numbers*.

Example #1
The Index shows that this couple is Compatible and their Interaction Analysis is rather good. Both are well-known artists and have tied the knot since 1999.
Screen Capture from Love at Hand
Date of Births and 
Matrimony details taken from Wiki

Example #2
When this couple is together, the Interaction Analysis shows that their relationship is rather stressful, although the man could be supportive. They were married in 2009 and their wedding was televised live on TV, but eventually parted in 2011.
Screen Capture from Love at Hand
Date of Births and 
Matrimony details taken from Wiki

Example #3
The index shows that this celebrity couple is very compatible and the man could be supportive to his loved one. However, when both are together somehow the Interaction Analysis shows a different story. They were married in 2006 and eventually go on separate ways in 2011.
Screen Capture from Love at Hand
Date of Births and 
Matrimony details taken from Wiki

A couple in love is always a nice thing to see. The examples show that 2 persons could be very much in love and get together owing to support and compatibility. However, they could go into separate ways when their “Interaction Chemistry” just does not work out well.

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Friday, June 16, 2017

A Good Story for your Dream Home

The 3 important areas in our home
Every house plan has more than one story, ranging from 8 stories for long-term stay to as much as 16 stories for short-term occupancy. In some Feng Shui principles, a single layout can have as much as 48 stories based on their property facing.

These stories are based on your home facing, and are derived from some commonly known Classical Feng Shui principles, and there could be others. Stories can be nice & pleasing, while some could be relatively unpleasant. 

So what is a Good Story for a Home layout?
Generally a floor layout with a relatively good story can refer to a home with relatively better Feng Shui comparing to one that does not have or at most nominal.

A good story could be all the 3 important living spaces are well positioned in your home. Generally, these 3 areas are the Main Door, Kitchen and Master Bedroom. At some cases, the study or workroom is also considered in the Feng Shui equation.

The followings are examples to illustrate a home layout with different home facing and contribute to 2 different home stories.

Example #1
Based on Flying Stars Feng Shui principle, the Main Door opens in a relatively good location can indicate promoting steady, long-term wealth opportunities and growth, while the Master Bedroom is a stable room, promising good health. 
North facing home layout with relatively good living spaces

Example #2
Based on Flying Stars Feng Shui principle, both the Main Door and Master Bedroom are located in a rather unfavourable location. Although the Main Door is good for marketers, or in talking related careers, it may also mean relationship matters. As for the Master Bedroom, it can lead to wealth loss, and health related problems.
East facing home layout with the main door and bedroom in the relatively unfavourable locations

Important to Note:
Not all same facing homes share the same story.

We all want a good story for our home, and if this is also what you are thinking, then you may consider seeking professional Feng Shui advice to own your choice home right at the first time, and begin your new life journey, especially with your loved ones. Click here for more details.

Monday, June 5, 2017

How do you know a person is more prone to a family relating problem?

A person who has either one or both of the number combination of 48 or 84 in his/her Life Chart, are more likely to encounter a Marriage or Family relating Problem.

The next question is when?

In the Science of Numbers, a married couple can refer to their Personal Year numbers to look out for any telltale sign. If 48 or 84 number combination can also be seen in either one of their Personal Year numbers, then there is a higher potential that they may encounter a Marriage Problem that year.

This person has the 48 number combination could indicate a potential of a Marriage problem in his life.

Using an individual born in 30-Jul-1947 as an illustration, based on his Personal Year numbers (circled in Green), although he does not have a 48 or 84 numbers, his wife does have a 84 combinations in 2011. This indicates a higher chance of a Marriage or Family issue arising in 2011.
His wife was born in 6-Nov-1955, and her Personal Year number for 2011 is 3. 

In additional he has the power of 123, a number combination that could make him famous and successful in his career and business. He has also a 445 combination which reveals that he could have a higher sexual drive. This might be also a contributing factor to his infidelity.

Who is he?
He had been married for over 25 years and the couple had four children together. The revelation in 2011 that his infidelity led to him fathering a son fourteen years earlier with an employee led to their separation.
Source from Wiki

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