Thursday, December 31, 2015

How do you know a person is more prone to Liver related sickness?

Life Chart with the 'Health Zone" missing Wood element
In the Science of Numbers, a person who has missing 4 and 9 in the region marked in green is more prone to Liver, Gallbladder or Wood element related problems.

In addition, if the Life Chart also shows all 1s or combination of 1, 6, and 5 in a number pattern as shown in the chart below, then the individual could be more prone to cancer.
Life Chart indicating Cancer-prone illness when all 1s or 1, 6 and 5 appear in the above pattern
Who is she?
She was a Malaysian actress and host and former model contracted to MediaCorp. In July 2013, she was diagnosed with multiple endocrine neoplasia (MEN) syndrome and was later confirmed to have Neuroendocrine cancer tumors in her liver. She had 60 percent of her liver removed, and returned to work in late 2014.

On 24 December 2015, Leong was admitted to a hospital after suffering a relapse and died after losing her battle with cancer on 28 December 2015.
Click here to know more about her. Source from Wiki.

What’s from her BAZI?
Based on her BAZI, the Metal element in her life chart is rather strong and Wood is weak. In Chinese Astrology context, this would indicate a person is more prone to liver-related sickness (旺金克木,易患肝病).

There is also a tell-tale sign that a person is more prone to cancer-related sickness when the BAZI chart shows a lot of Earth elements (命带丑未戌三刑者,易患癌疾). As in her case, she was going through Earth luck in her late 20s the to early 30s.

Who also had this cancer-prone Numbers?
A Cancer-prone Life Chart
She was a Hong Kong singer and actress. During her prime years, she made major contributions to the Cantopop music scene while receiving numerous awards and honours. She remained an idol throughout most of her career, and was generally regarded as a Cantopop diva and was dubbed as the "Madonna of Asia (東方麥當娜)". She eventually lost her battle to cervical cancer and died of respiratory complications leading to lung failure on 30 December 2003.
Click here to know more about her. Source from Wiki.

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Friday, December 4, 2015

Is someone peeping behind your back?

Peeping Tom Sha (探头峰) in the external environment
Peeping Tom Sha (探头峰) as mentioned in many ancient Feng Shui classics is a natural environmental formation where it refers to a mountain that peeps out from behind another mountain.
Can you see “who” is watching over you?

In the current urban environment, although you might not see many hills or mountains, are you aware that there are also sightings of “Peeping Tom Sha”?

When you look out of your home or office either from the windows, balcony or main door and could see the neighbouring buildings or towers protruding, like someone is peeping over you or your property is being “watched” from behind from another building, then you could have been disturbed by the Peeping Tom Sha (探头).

What’s about “Peeping Tom Sha”?
This is an environment violation that denotes robbery, theft, fraud, embezzlement and probably scandalous romance (桃色纠纷). In business perspective, one of the many scenarios will be you might encounter incidents that business deals or contracts were been taken away from your company at the last minute, whether the contract owners have decided to call off the deal or award to another company. 
A West facing Home overlooking a building from afar could be more prone to be “disturbed” by the “Peeping Tom Sha”
Based on the home or office plan layout, some of properties will be more prone to the “Peeping Tom”, and question is when they will it happen? 

As an illustration, with reference to the Annual and Monthly Flying Star chart for Aug 8 – Sep 7 this year and further coupled with “Peeping Tom” in the South outside of your house or office, you could be more prone to loss of belongings or wealth. Hence, you must be more cautious as your wealth opportunities or wealth related endearvors, such as your career advancement or business deals, etc could just be taken away from you behind your back or in front of your eye.

 An Annual with Monthly Flying Star chart for month from Aug 8 – Sep 7 this year.
In mid 2016, you might want to be more watchful especially for those properties where you look out from your windows or balcony in the North. If you could see this unfavourable  "Peeping Tom" sightings, then you need to consider remedial action to "fix" this or could confront this violation head-on.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What is the Danger Zone in the Coming Year?

The Five Yellow Sha (五黄煞) and Year Breaker (岁破) are 2 of the 4 Annual Afflictions that you need to observe each year. In the coming year, these 2 afflictions will be residing in the Northeast sector of your property. This is the danger zone for the year and you should refrain from performing any major renovation, refurbishment works in this area so as to avoid provoking these negative energies and leaving this area inactive and untouched for the coming 2016.

The Year Breaker (岁破), also known as the “Wrath of Grand Duke”, if disturbed can lead to extremely serious repercussions and these could be worse than those of the Grand Duke (太岁). So beware.

An illustration....
Using a 2 + 1 Bedroom Unit in The Palette at Pasir Ris as an illustration, this unit overlooking the Construction Site of Coco Palms in the Northeast, could be facing the Five Yellow Sha and Year Breaker in 2016.
A 2+1 Bedroom Unit with Five Yellow Sha and Year Breaker in the Master Suite and Study at the Northeast sector
In the coming 2016, the Annual Afflictions will be residing in the South, Southwest and Northeast. You will need to pay attention when considering renovation, refurbishment works or even minor hammering or drilling work in these sectors.

But what if your property facing is one of these directions or Main Door opens here, or there is a major construction site in this direction from your property, then these Annual Afflictions would be disturbed, and you might need to prepare to face these negative energies and their repercussions. They could be as small as minor illness like fever, flu, cough, cataract surgeryfinancial loss owing to loss of wallet, car accident repairs to major ones like accidents, lost of jobs, bankruptcy, malignant illness that relates especially to the heart, eyes and bones and could be fatalistic, so beware.

You will need to select an auspicious date to start renovation or simply postpones the idea of renovation work in the coming year. You should also consider to seek professional advice from a Feng Shui practitioner should you have or have already met up with anyone of the 4 dark forces as these will follow you for the entire year.
These are the 4 Annual Afflictions that you will not want to meet

Important to Note:
Although the new year is just around the corner, the prevailing energies for the coming year has already starting to arrive....

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Where is your Wealth sector in the Coming Year?

Both Wealth and Tai Sui could be knocking at your Main Door next year
If the Main Door of your Home or Office is located in the Southwest sector, then prepare to receive Wealth opportunities knocking at your Door in the coming year.

In 2016, the Annual Wealth Star 8 (八白财星) flies to the Southwest and the only thing you need to do is you must be ready to seek this opportunity or waste it. In other words, you could have activated the Wealth energies and must be prepared to receive it or lose it as the next time it will come knocking at your door will be 9 years later in 2025.

Wealth Star flies to the Southwest in 2016
Besides Wealth opportunities, 2016 also “invites” the Tai Sui (太岁) or the Grand Duke which is one of the 4 Annual Afflictions. The others are the 3 Killings (三煞), Five Yellow Sha (五黄煞) and Year Breaker (岁破). In the coming year, Tai Sui will swoop into the Southwest sector, indicating unwanted setback, mishaps, and accidents befalling those who activated this area.
Tai Sui or the Grand Duke resides in the Southwest in the coming 2016 
Residents should avoid disturbing the negative energies here, and this includes carrying out any renovation and ground-breaking work. Spending more time in this area is also not recommended.

An illustration....
Using Natura@Hillview as an illustration, owing to the construction sites, some of the units could have disturbed the Tai Sui or Grand Duke in the Southwest.

Natura@Hillview with the construction sites in its Southwest vicinity
Should the Main Door or renovation works need to be done in the Southwest sector, it is recommended to make use of the generic guidelines provided in the Tong Shu to select the most auspicious Date and Time for you to conduct activities in this area. Alternatively, you can consider engaging the services of a professional Feng Shui consultant to guide you should you need a more specific date and time selection, especially if your Main Door is in the Southwest sector as it probably would have been activated automatically in the coming year.

Friday, November 6, 2015

A Heron Bay Story at Upper Serangoon View

Heron Bay - an executive condominium at Upper Serangoon View
Using Heron Bay at Upper Serangoon View as an illustration, some of the units in this Period 8 Residential Development could be benefiting from the external environment with the Water Exit in the Northeast and the Main Entrance or Qi Mouth (气口) of the development opening in the Southeast for good health especially from the incoming road in the south/southwest direction.

Siteplan of Heron Bay with the incoming roads from the South/Southwest direction

Important to Note:
The recent landscape in this vicinity has changed with more residential developments in the vicinity, such as Kingford Waterbay, Boathouse Residences and Hougang Capeview residential. These could change the Feng Shui aspect of Heron Bay, especially units facing the construction site of Kingford Waterbay from now till the next 2-3 years. So beware.

Heron Bay and its surrounding neighbourhood

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Is your House facing the 3 Killings?

From Massive Construction Site to Minor Home Renovation and even as small as knocking a nail to the wall for hanging a picture frame, these could activate the 3 Killings.
3 Killings or 三煞 is an environmental violation in Feng Shui context. Once violated, this affliction can bring about accidents, injuries, illness, wealth loss, etc. If your home is west facing, have done some renovations to your home or your main door is in the west and are encountering or have encountered the above mentioned endeavors, then you could have activated the 3 Killings this year.
Homes overlooking massive construction sites that could have violated the 3 Killings 
In 2016, the 3 Killings resides in the South. If your property whether residential home or commercial office or retail, is South facing, or your main door is in this sector, or there are major constructions in the vicinity, or there is a building edge pointing at your property or even minor renovations by you or your neighbours, then you should be more careful as you might violate the 3 Killings. There is a saying: 三煞所临之方宜静不宜动. Hence, you should keep this sector as “quiet” as possible.
In 2016, the 3 Killings (三煞) resides in the South

For those existing and new Home Owners who are considering renovating their homes, especially if their homes are South facing, then you should need to be more careful in selecting an auspicious good date. This also applies to Business Owners who are intending to renovate their offices.
Residential developments with North-South facing units
Important to Note:
Should you have activated the 3 Killings unintentionally or indirectly by your neighbour next door, unless you seek professional Feng Shui advice to better manage this environmental violation, else you will have to bear with it for the entire year. So beware.

A Feng Shui Consultation with Date Selection could be the key to better manage the 3 Killings (三煞).

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Are you Investment-Ready?

Investment Readiness with Feng Shui, Qi Men Dun Jia and Bazi.
Most people love to invest especially in properties, simply to grow their wealth and beat against the always-growing inflation. And many people will always ask…When is the best time to invest?

From the Feng Shui perspective, you might consider activating the Annual Star 9 which governs new happenings and investment related matters. This is also the Secondary Wealth star based on Xuan King Flying Star (玄空飞星) principle.

In 2015, the Annual Star 9 flies to the Southwest, and if this sector is where your Main Door located, then you might encounter investment opportunities knocking at your door in this year.

2015 Annual Chart with the Annual Star 9 in the Southwest. To find how your Home can enhance your Life ambitions in 2016, contact me to find out more.
There are also many who are unable to grab these investment opportunities. Some will not open the door and welcome them because they are simply not ready. Some would say that what’s coming may not be the best. Some are interested, but fear of making the wrong decisions, while some are simply unable to invest owing to lack of capital, and eventually missed the opportunities.

In my opinion, if you are currently riding on good luck, the opportunity to ‘discover’ a good property is very high. If it isn’t, even if you managed to find a Feng Shui-friendly property, you might not be ready to own it with ease.

I'll always believe that "The house chooses the buyer, and not the other way around.” as it all boils down to your affinity to the house.

So the next question you will be asking…. Am I enjoying good luck now?

The Answer:
One of the methods that you are able to forecast or “guess-timate” your good luck cycle is using your Date of Birth with Chinese Astrology, or BAZI.

Unlock your Luck endeavors in the coming 10 years with Your Personal Wealth Dashboard
Besides the above mentioned, there are other methods, such as Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲) forecasting, which can help and serve as a tell-tale sign to indicate Your Readiness in Investment.
A Qi Men (奇门) Chart indicating a person is currently not at the right time to investment in the short term.
In summary, when Investment Luck is coming your way, you must also be Prepared and Ready to grab this opportunity or miss it….

1-1 Personal Consultation helps to find out what's your Current Endeavours and most importantly your Investment Readiness in life.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Discover your Wealth Spot

There is a Feng Shui saying: 气乘风则散,界水则止, where Life Energy or Qi disperses by Wind and gathers at the boundary of Water.

This means that in order to ensure Life energy or Wealth energy to stay and not disperse, water being a catalyst can be used to contain the Wealth energy. It will be ideal if your Main Door is where the Wealth energy resides. But what if it is not and resides in other sectors of your home; like in your Living/Dining, Study area, etc?

Generally, should the Wealth sector of your home is not located at your Main Door, you can still harness Wealth energy by installing water features or fish aquarium at the Wealth sector in your home. As Water is a double edge sword, one must take caution to ascertain the Wealth sector correctly to enhance Wealth energy. Installing water in the wrong location could also harness Negative energy or Sha-Qi, which could lead to undesirable impact to you and the occupants within the home related to Wealth and probably Health matters as well. So beware.

Using a 4RM BTO unit at Tampines Weave as an illustration, indicating the Wealth sector likely to be in the Living Area.

Things to remember:
In Feng Shui, the 3 most important sectors of your home are the Main Door, Bedroom and the Kitchen’s Stove. Consider Feng Shui remedial action should negative energies or Sha-Qi resides in these areas. But if these Sha-Qi are in other areas like the Toilet, Utility Room, etc, then you should not be too worried.

Listen what your new Home is telling you with the ez Home Analysis and Discover the Wealth Spot in your Home.

You also get to access myWealthFacing mobile app to ascertain your Personal Wealth Direction for FREE.

Listen what’s your new Home is telling you

Friday, September 18, 2015

Which sides of the Water View would you prefer?

La Fiesta at Sengkang
As an illustration on Water Feng Shui, both properties A and B are facing their respective swimming pool but in different directions. Generally, Unit A is facing North while Unit B is facing South.  Both properties could enhance Wealth with water, but Unit A could be a better choice, and would enjoy good Feng Shui at least for the next 20 years without probable "side effects".

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How to unlock the secrets of a person?

Unlock the secrets of a person with Qi Men Forecasting
Not too long ago I met a friend of mine in a gathering party. We were “chit-chatting” to catch up old times. Somehow our conversation led to Internet Gambling, Money Lending and Debts. This touched her nerves and shared her personal experience.

Recently, her niece was heavily in debts and was asking her for help. She wanted to turn over to a new leaf and to start afresh with a new life, and promised to repay her through monthly installment over the years as the amount is quite substantial.

Question asked…
She was asking me for an opinion if her niece is credible and will she honour to repay her in the end should she help her to pay his debts?

And the Answer…
Using Qi Men forecasting as a basis, a Qi Men chart was set-up. And the answer is “NO”. She was surprised and interested to know the WHYs.

Qi Men Hour Chart revealing the person current endeavors with Black Tortoise in NE palace.
Based on Qi Men, the chart revealed that her niece could not be trusted as the Black Tortoise () was in her. This represents that this person has a “Cheating” characteristics at the moment, and would “rob money" from her, might not be physically but indirectly.

The chart also shows that she was persuasive and convincing in “marketing” her current encounter to seek help, and could get what she wanted successfully. I would suggest to her that it is not a good idea and be more cautious in the lending, as she would not be able to recover her money. However, my friend still proceed to help to pay her niece’s debts, owing to family ties.

Recently, I got to know that till to date, her niece had never repaid her and still asking for more monetary help. 

1-1 Personal Consultation helps to find out what's your strength, weakness and most importantly your current endeavors in life. If interested, contact me with more details.

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