Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What is the Danger Zone in the Coming Year?

The Five Yellow Sha (五黄煞) and Year Breaker (岁破) are 2 of the 4 Annual Afflictions that you need to observe each year. In the coming year, these 2 afflictions will be residing in the Northeast sector of your property. This is the danger zone for the year and you should refrain from performing any major renovation, refurbishment works in this area so as to avoid provoking these negative energies and leaving this area inactive and untouched for the coming 2016.

The Year Breaker (岁破), also known as the “Wrath of Grand Duke”, if disturbed can lead to extremely serious repercussions and these could be worse than those of the Grand Duke (太岁). So beware.

An illustration....
Using a 2 + 1 Bedroom Unit in The Palette at Pasir Ris as an illustration, this unit overlooking the Construction Site of Coco Palms in the Northeast, could be facing the Five Yellow Sha and Year Breaker in 2016.
A 2+1 Bedroom Unit with Five Yellow Sha and Year Breaker in the Master Suite and Study at the Northeast sector
In the coming 2016, the Annual Afflictions will be residing in the South, Southwest and Northeast. You will need to pay attention when considering renovation, refurbishment works or even minor hammering or drilling work in these sectors.

But what if your property facing is one of these directions or Main Door opens here, or there is a major construction site in this direction from your property, then these Annual Afflictions would be disturbed, and you might need to prepare to face these negative energies and their repercussions. They could be as small as minor illness like fever, flu, cough, cataract surgeryfinancial loss owing to loss of wallet, car accident repairs to major ones like accidents, lost of jobs, bankruptcy, malignant illness that relates especially to the heart, eyes and bones and could be fatalistic, so beware.

You will need to select an auspicious date to start renovation or simply postpones the idea of renovation work in the coming year. You should also consider to seek professional advice from a Feng Shui practitioner should you have or have already met up with anyone of the 4 dark forces as these will follow you for the entire year.
These are the 4 Annual Afflictions that you will not want to meet

Important to Note:
Although the new year is just around the corner, the prevailing energies for the coming year has already starting to arrive....

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