Friday, November 6, 2015

A Heron Bay Story at Upper Serangoon View

Heron Bay - an executive condominium at Upper Serangoon View
Using Heron Bay at Upper Serangoon View as an illustration, some of the units in this Period 8 Residential Development could be benefiting from the external environment with the Water Exit in the Northeast and the Main Entrance or Qi Mouth (气口) of the development opening in the Southeast for good health especially from the incoming road in the south/southwest direction.

Siteplan of Heron Bay with the incoming roads from the South/Southwest direction

Important to Note:
The recent landscape in this vicinity has changed with more residential developments in the vicinity, such as Kingford Waterbay, Boathouse Residences and Hougang Capeview residential. These could change the Feng Shui aspect of Heron Bay, especially units facing the construction site of Kingford Waterbay from now till the next 2-3 years. So beware.

Heron Bay and its surrounding neighbourhood

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