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Do you have a good Qi Mouth as your Main Door?

The Main Door being the "Qi Mouth" (气口) of the property
In Feng Shui context, 3 important areas we must look for in selecting your new home are the Main Door, Bedroom and the Kitchen. It will be good to have all these areas located in the good sectors in the property. 

The Main Door is one of the most important area of the property as this is the area where we enter and exit from the property and is usually regarded as the "Qi Mouth" (气口) of the property. Should the Main Door is located in a less favourable sector, then the occupants in this house may encounter some challenges in their life path; such as great loss of wealth or financial ruin, or accidents, mishaps, etc. 

Furthermore, it will also need to couple with the negative energies of a specific year to activate these negative endeavors, such as the Five Yellow Sha (五黄煞), the 3 Killings (三煞) or the Tai-Shui (太岁). These are the annual affliction energies that will "visit" your home yearly. 

However, there is no need to worry unnecessarily as this negative sector needs to be activated by negative forms before these negative influences come into play. Examples of Negative forms could be the neighbour's building edge pointing towards your Main Door, or a lamp post directed to your Main Door should your Home is in the lower floors, etc. 

Notice the Main Door is located in the 5-2 sector of the unit and further activated by the Private Lift

Notice the Main Door is located in the 2-5 sector of the unit
As an illustration, with reference to the above 2 apartments, both East facing homes have something in common. Although the Main Door of Unit A and Unit B are located in different location, based on the House Energy map of the 2 units, their Main Doors are located in the less favourable areas. In Xuan Kong Flying Stars (玄空飞星) principle, the 5-2 or 2-5 sectors are generally regarded as less favourable sectors and the residents might endear the earlier mentioned wealth or health problems. These are Feng Shui related problems that need to be rectified or at least reducing the negative impact. 

Notice the Main Entrance is located in the 1-6 sector of the unit
On the other hand, Unit C has the Main Entrance opened in a good sector, especially supporting those working in the professional fields. Besides the Main Door, the Master Bedroom and Kitchen are also well-positioned in this apartment.

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