Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Which Apartment has Better Feng Shui?

Fernvale Gardens @ Sengkang
Source from HDB
Feng Shui emphasizes on four important factors. These are the Environment, Building, Residents and Time. In this article, we will take the recent BTO (Build to Order) Launch of Fernvale Gardens in Sengkang  as an example.

Undenying that whenever there are more than 1 item to choose from, then there is always a comparison in deciding which is better. In property, this also boils down to a good-valued investment as well as a good living home for yourself and loved ones.

In Feng Shui context, we would want the building to be protected from negative forms or features, as well as Sha-Qi (煞气 - negative energy "piercing and attacking" the property). And it will be favourable to have a low ground in front of the building to allow Sheng-Qi (生气) to collect so that it is beneficial to the residents.

"Choice Apartment" in the
Center of a clutch of Buildings
In this an example, apartment blocks circled in blue are better choices as they are protected by the right and left building blocks (circled in green) providing a good Left and Right embraces as well as a back support. In front of the building, there are children playground and  fitness corners (circled in Red). This area are low ground which can act as a Bright Hall (明堂) for Qi to gather and for Qi to collect. These 2 buildings are in the Center of a clutch of Buildings. There are more selection criterias like the "Crane amongst the Chickens" and "Closest to Qi Mouth" principles.

I must emphasize that this is my personal view looking from the Feng Shui perspective and acting as an illustration to share how Feng Shui principle can relate to our current living environment.

Beside Building Selection, don't forget the other factors: the External Environment, the Residents and Time factor which also play an important role in qualifying a good property as a living home.

Once you have decided which building to choose from, you might need to further personalize your selection in determining whether which floor and which unit is more suitable for you and loved ones.

For more details in selecting a good property as a living home with Feng Shui, click here to find out more about EZ Property Selection.

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