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Tapping into the good Feng Shui Natural Environment

Adora Green @ Yishun
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Feng Shui, originally known as "Kan-Yu" (堪舆) is about living in harmony with nature. Through Feng Shui principles, people are able to harness natural energies of the living environment, known as Qi, to foster better living through improving vitality and ushering prosperity to our living space called Home.

The site circle in Green (as shown in the below picture) is protected by other apartment buildings on the right and back as well as the higher ground park on the left, acting as the Left and Right Embraces together with the Back supported, protecting it from potential "Strong Winds" and negative features or forms. 

In addition, the Site has a beautiful Yishun pond in the Southwest and greenery park in the South, ascertaining good Feng Shui in current Period 8 (2004 - 2023), and probably till 2044. These natural environments have raised the good Feng Shui quotients in this vicinity, increasing a good market value investment and a conducive living home.

The Site where Adora Green is to be built has a
Beautiful Yishun pond in the Southwest
and greenery park in the South.
Aside from having a good external environment, what is left for the home-buyers is to select their dream home with the suitable apartment block, suitable floor levels and the best unit that is compatible to them.

It is definitely worthwhile to invest with a little more effort to assess and select their dream home for themselves and their loved ones so as to live happily and fulfil their endeavours in life.

For those who are considering upgrading or getting a new flat in Adora Green @ Yishun, click here to find out more.

Adora Green @ Yishun
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For more details in selecting a good property as a living home with Feng Shui, click here to find out more about EZ Property Selection.

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Disclaimer Note: I must emphasize that this is my personal view looking from the Feng Shui perspective and acting as an illustration to share how Feng Shui principles can relate to our current living environment.

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