Thursday, June 23, 2011

Is your Property facing a 'Wind Gap' (天斩煞) ?

An illustration of a Wind Gap (天斩煞)
Building A is facing a Gap between Building B and C
In the current times where land are scare, more and more buildings and apartments are built not only higher but also closer to one another. Hence, inevitably some of these property development could be affected by the impact of negative Form Sha-Qi.

In the study of Forms Feng Shui (峦头风水), Tian-Zhan-Sha(天斩煞) is a negative feature or Sha-Qi (刑煞) where residents' units facing a wind gap between 2 high-rise buildings. The width of this gap is too narrow for cars to pass, but big enough as an alley for people to walk through.

Why is it Bad ?
It's all about the flow of Qi. It is like pouring oil into a bottle through an oil funnel in a concentrated and filtered manner. Imagine if the flow of Qi or strong wind is penetrating through the wind gap between the 2 buildings and depending on the intensity of the strong wind, will be directing the undesirable Qi or strong winds to the facing units.

The residents whom their units are facing this wind gap would be constantly influenced by the impact of the Sha-Qi. They will be are more prone to sickness, accidents and injuries that may be caused by sudden trip or fall.

More Illustrations on Tian-Zhan-Sha (天斩煞)

Properties facing the Wind Gap (circled in RED)
between 2 Buildings would be affected by the Sha-Qi (天斩煞)
fostering to Bad Feng Shui
As an illustration, the building (marked X) is facing a narrow
wind gap and could be affected by the Sha-Qi (天斩煞)

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