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Selecting a Good Property – Ushering Wealth and Prosperity from the Dragon Gate

RiverParc Residence @ Punggol’s Waterfront city
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The article in this series serves as an example to assist home buyers to qualify for a good investment property or properties that could enjoy good Feng Shui and good Return on Investment or ROI with a mean to hedge against inflation. It also acts as an illustration to share the knowledge of Classical Feng Shui principles that could be used to assess a good property.This is based on the recent RiverParc Residence at Punggol EC launch. 

With reference to the Site Plan of development, this EC site could benefit from the external environment based on Feng Shui principle.

In Feng Shui context, there is a water exit in the East of this site which can be considered as the main water mouth of this area, and if your property is able to align in a specific house facing in relation to this water mouth, then you might have the potential to benefit from the Dragon Gate Eight Formations (龙门八局) water formula principle.

The Classic mentioned that for a property with a specific house facing, tapping to the water mouth at a direction with respect to the house facing, then there is a higher chance in ushering great wealth and prosperity luck to the residents.

In general, in this case with the water mouth in the East, property facing the Northeast direction would benefit from this formation. Furthermore, it is also observed that the road or waterway that coming towards the site in the Southeast direction could also ushering good wealth luck as it might also receive the Later Heaven Water (后天水) based on the water formula.

To further ascertain a better unit, one still requires to assess which units are the better ones among the rest, and personalizing which floor level is more suitable for the residents based on their life chart and their anticipated endeavours in life.

Aerial view of the RiverParc Residence EC site
(circled in RED), showing the Water Mouth located
in the East, and the Southeast directional flow.
Other considerations that you might need to observe in investing in a good property is the external man-made structure, like the train overhead rail structure, waterway, water catchment and future residential development in the nearby neighbourhood.

With the opening of the new Serangoon reservoir in the near vicinity, the water quality in this water catchment will gradually be better and fit for consumption. With cleaner and clearer water, it would further foster a more conducive external environment that will be beneficial to the residents.

Nevertheless, this housing development enjoys the luxury living right in the heart of the new Punggol’s waterfront city revolving around the convenience that only a new and family-friendly town can offer.

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