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How do you know a person is more prone to a Heart or Blood related problems?

A person who has missing 3, 8 or 5 in the enclosed green region (as shown above) are more prone to heart and blood related and/or stomach and spleen problems.

Who is he?
He was a Hong Kong film actor, producer and director.

His first starring role was actually at age 16 in the 1963 film The Student Prince, a role he had gotten after some school friends showed his picture to the people making a movie at their secondary school. His role in this early movie earned him the nickname of "The Student Prince."

He acted in Hong Kong youth films starring Josephine Hsiao Fang-fang, Chen Chen, and Connie Chan Bo Jue throughout the 1960s, and was often voted "Best Male Actor" by film magazines.

He found fame when he moved to Taiwan during the 1970s, where he had made over 60 feature films. The films he made were often dramas and romances, where he would often pair off with Brigette Lin Qing Xia, in such films as Run Lover Run. He had formed 2 production companies in 1977 and 1987 respectively.

On 29 March 2011, he died in his home in Mong Kok at around 9pm from a stroke.
Source from Wiki.

More Analysis

He had 3 or more pairs of same numbers, which contributed his fame where he had made over 60 feature films.

He also had 123 in a sequence, which made him a good communicator and charismatic presenter. Talking was his natural attribute, a must in the Show Business.

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