Thursday, April 7, 2011

Which Property is a Better Valued-Investment?

Unit 04, 11, 18 and 19 are better located properties with reference to the water pool
Everyone will definitely want a good-valued property or properties either as an investment or as a dream home for themselves and their loved one.

For discussion purpose, we will refer to those units that are surrounding the water pool. Based on the site plan, Unit 04, 11, 18 and 19 (circled in Green) are better located with reference to the water pool.

Although generally units facing the pool will usually command a premium in terms of property value, the units that are mentioned earlier also conform to the timely Direct and Indirect spirits (零神,正神) Feng Shui principle, ushering good Feng Shui Luck from 2004 – 2043. This is beneficial to the residents, as this could assist them to achieve their endeavours in life, not forgetting a good living place called home. Furthermore, these properties also enjoy a good pool view, which also made these a better-valued investment.

Once you have decided which building to choose from, you might need to further personalize your property-selection in determining whether which floor and which unit is more suitable for you and your loved ones. They are many methods in determining which floor(s) that suits you and your loved ones using your Date of Birth.

For more details in selecting a good property as a living home with Feng Shui, click here to find out more about EZ Property Selection

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