Saturday, March 19, 2011

Good Feng Shui Property with Timely Water and Mountain.

In the earlier article, I've mentioned that in Period 8 (2004 – 2023), based on Indirect and Direct spirits (零神, 正神) principle, water will be best to be in the Southwest and mountains in the Northeast taking reference from your property. Therefore, if you are able to see "Water" and "Mountain" in these directions from your property vicinity, then your property is currently timely and potentially enjoying good Feng Shui.

Water in Southwest and Mountain in Northeast conforming to the Direct and Indirect Spirits Feng Shui Principle
An example is the West Coast Park region where in this vicinity, there are the Pandan Reservoir in the Southwest and Bukit Timah Hill in the Northeast. This area somehow fit into the Indirect and Direct spirits principle. As I've mentioned earlier, it is currently timely and generally, the residents should be enjoying good Feng Shui in this region. Not surprising that you will find many landed properties and condominiums in this area.
At the Road Junction of West Coast Park

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