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Is your property ushering Good Wealth and People luck?

There is a saying: "近山贵, 近水富", literally means if your property is near the mountain, you will be prosperous; if near the water, then you will be wealthy. If you pay a little more attention, you will realize that there are lots of luxury and high-end properties and apartments near Mountains; e.g. Bukit Timah, Bukit Batok, and/or near ‘Water’; e.g. properties near the reservoir catchment-areas in the Central region, like the MacRitche Reservoirs, the Pierce Reservoir, and in the East, e.g. the Bedok Reservoir etc.

Boat Quay - Singapore
 'Water' can be real pond, lake, swimming pool, etc. This will bring good money luck (旺财) to the property's residence. If there is no real 'water' in the vicinity, roads and low flat grounds like gardens, parks are considered as virtual water. The low flat grounds in front of your property can acts as an external bright hall (外明堂), a vast open-space where Qi (natural life energy) can gather and hopeful with the right main door facing, ushering the Qi to your property. Whether it is real or virtual 'Water', it must be 'sentimental' or slow moving to be auspicious, not 'merciless and aggressive'; such as monsoon drains, water or roads 'crashing' directly to the property is not good Feng Shui.

Mount Faber and Telok Blangah
If the properties are near to Mountains or Hills, ensure that these are green and healthy. This will bring good people luck (旺人丁) to the residence staying in the property. 'Mountains' can be real mountains, hills, high ground, etc. If there are no real ones in the vicinity, high-rise and huge buildings may be considered as virtual mountains. However, if there are real mountains, then they must be considered first, as buildings are after all virtual.

In summary, properties near ‘healthy green mountains’ and ‘slow-moving clear water’ are generally graded as auspicious and highly-valued as they will bring good people and wealth luck to the residents. From the Classical Feng Shui viewpoint, besides the external environment, the Building structure, the Residents and Time also play important roles in fostering a good investment as well as a good living property for you and your loved ones.

In the coming article, we will review where water should best be located or be "seen" with respect to your property vicinity in order to harness Good Wealth and People Luck.

If you are currently searching for a property in the east, do you also want to know which recently launched Condominiums to the public, which are surrounding the Reservoir, benefiting from the external environment and riding on this good timely current period? So watch out in the coming article.

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