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Finding a Good Feng Shui Property?

Map Location of Orchid and Vista Spring
Recently, I ran into a friend who is considering applying for a property in the recent new housing launch in Jan 2011. Selection of such property is based on a Map with the site plan showing the proposed location where the properties are to be developed. Typical Floor plans of the properties are also released to the home-seekers to assist them to better decide in the selection of their ideal homes. This friend of mine then ask if I can share my views on the property selection, after all 2 heads are better than 1.

After reviewing the Map Location and Site Plan of the recent Orchid Spring and Vista Spring to be built in Yishun, it reminds me of a verse that my Feng Shui Teacher used to tell the class years ago, and this verse was from the “Entering Earth Eyes” (入地眼) – an ancient Landform Feng Shui Classic.

The verse said: 入山寻水口,登穴看明堂. It literally means: “Go to the Mountain to find the Water Mouth, and when you are on a good meridian spot, look out for a Bright Hall”. Generally, it means that to search for a good plot of land or property, usually “Real Water”, like Rivers, Lake, etc would be sighted nearby. And to qualify for a good spot, there will usually have a big open-space in front of the property to allow the Qi to gather, so that it would empower the surrounding, providing a more conducive living environment which benefits the residents.

This formation seems to compliant with one of the San He Water Assessment Theory (四大水局). From the Map, the river flow is coming from the West, flowing past the property, and exiting to the Strait between North and Northeast. With this external structure together with a good property facing, it would foster scholastic and academic achievements.

In Period 8 (2004 - 2023), the Northeast region is the most auspicious. Development in this region will prosperous and property value will increase in the coming years.

The external environment plays a major role in determining a good living environment, or a living space with good Feng Shui elements. Beside the environment, the shape of the Buildling or Property, the residents and the Time factor also play an important part in Classical Feng Shui.

For those individuals who want to fine-tune their property with better Feng Shui, they can further tailor their property with Li Qi (理气) formula, like Xuan Kong Flying Star (玄空飞星), 8 Mansions Feng Shui (八宅风水) or the Yang House 3 Essentials (阳宅三要) Principles.

At the end of the discussion, I advice my friend to consider  buying one of these units in the Housing selection exercise, and try to get one that has a Southeast facing which is a good facing (金局生向), looking over the river and a wide open-space as Bright Hall (明堂) in front of the property where the Qi can gather.

In the next article, I will share more about screening the property based on a typical Floor Plan using one of the Li Qi principles.

For more details in selecting a good property as a living home with Feng Shui, do drop me an email at

Click here for those who are considering upgrading or getting a new flat in a few years time.

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