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Is your Home blessed with a Wealth Storage?

Water and Mountain are the main ingredients in assessing the Feng Shui potential of the land. There is a Chinese saying: “山管人丁水管财”, where this can be translated as Mountains govern the people aspects, such as character, health, and relationship while Water formations govern the wealth prospects. Hence, a location where mountain and water are “correctly positioned” in its vicinity is always beneficial as you could be blessed with good Feng Shui supporting your life ambitions.

"In assessing the Feng Shui potential of the land, water takes precedence over the mountains."

Looking beyond The Southern Ridges greeneries with Reflections at Keppel Bay

What if no Mountain can be seen from my Home?
In assessing the Feng Shui potential of the land, water takes precedence over the mountains. Therefore, water can be regarded as an important element in determining the Feng Shui quality of a land, even without Mountain in the vicinity.

风水之法,得水为上,藏风次之 -郭璞(AD276-324)

Generally, Water in the Southwest of the property could improve Wealth luck and growth, benefiting the occupants at least for the next 20 years, Feng Shui-wise. If your Home is South-facing, it will be even more auspicious, as this conforms to the water storage formula (库池水) in the Dragon Gate Water principle (龙门水法). In short, water storage here refers to wealth storage providing an abundance of Wealth opportunities. Examples of water storage or bodies are Swimming pools, ponds, lake, reservoir, water fountains, etc.

As an illustration, Tampines Quarry can be served as a Water Storage for some residential developments in Tampines, such as The Santorini, The Alps Residences and The Tapestry. Homes in these development would enjoy better wealth-related endeavors as the water bodies could serve as their "Water" or rather "Wealth Storage", benefiting especially those North-South-facing ones.

Taking another illustration, Pandan Reservoir can serve as Water Storage for the upcoming residential development in this vicinity, benefiting homes especially those South-facing units in these residential developments for better wealth-related endeavors.

From the above examples, Water bodies or catchments could be a good feature in your neighborhood. And if you are lucky, it could be your Wealth Storage providing an abundance of Wealth opportunities to you.

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