Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The wind is Breezy but may not be Cool with Sky Crack

In current time especially in urban areas when land is scarce, property development whether for residential or commercial purposes are not only built higher but also closer to each other.  

High-Rise housing development

Are you aware that when 2 buildings are too close to each other, it can be a Feng Shui problem or Sha Qi (煞气)?

"When strong wind blows through the gap, it is focused and could direct strong Sha Qi towards the property..."

This negative form is commonly known as the Sky Crack Sha (斩煞) and is caused by a narrow gap between two buildings that are built very close to each other.  When a strong wind blows through the gap, it is focused and could direct strong Sha Qi toward the property, hence the name  - Sky Crack Sha. This will usually cause illness and injuries to the residents in the affected unit. 

Narrow Wind-Gap - Sky Crack Sha

A couple of months ago when I was accompanying my friend to check in to an apartment unit where he intended to purchase for own stay. The seller‘s salesperson would usually present the selling points of the unit; such as good facing without west sun shining into unit, closed proxity to ammenties, etc.. A particular selling point I remember was that when overlooking out from one of the windows from the Master bedroom, we could see a gap between two buildings. The salesperson explained that this could be good feature as it allows “cool” wind to direct to the unit, but in Feng Shui we know that this could be otherwise.

We observed that this wind-gap points right to the apartment unit from the northwest direction, and occupants could experience illness or problems relating to the head, bones and lung, and usually the man of the house, seniors or elderly will be most affected.

As an example, should a narrow wind-gap hits a property in the Southwest direction, then the occupants could encounter abdominal and stomach illness, and usually affect the woman of the house, mother, etc.  
Sky Crack Sha affects the Man and Woman in the house

Hence, the next time you are considering owning your choice home, you might want to be more observant if there is any wind gap, especially the narrow ones which could create fierce Sha Qi pointing to your home. So beware.

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