Friday, May 25, 2018

The Eight Roads to Destruction

Eight Roads to Destruction (八路黄泉) is one of the most negative environmental afflictions that involves door facing and water exits. Water exits could be virtual water, such as roads or walk paths. The name sound scary as it is could be literally translated as “Eight Roads to Hell”. In Feng Shui context, it means the life energy or Qi is potentially been draining away from your home towards its nearby water exit. Generally, you need to beware of roads, waterway or even walk paths exiting on the side of the facade of your home.

“One of these Roads could be your Scaliest Nightmare!”

This could bring about disasters or unpleasant repercussions to the occupants relating wealth loss, well-being of the family, and may even lead to separation such as Divorce. So beware.

For example
When the main door of a landed home is facing Southwest and the road or waterway is coming from or exiting in the West direction, then this home could be potentially violated the Eight Roads to Destruction formation.

A home with the ‘water exit’ in its West could be violating the Eight Roads to Destruction

This environmental affliction is not only applicable to landed homes, but also on buildings whether they are high-rise or otherwise.

Always observe the "water exits" from the main door of the properties 

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