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What’s your Feng Shui Number?

In Feng Shui, your Life Star is about you. It describes your key skills, characteristics, and trait. Like Numerology where it groups individuals into one of the 9 types of people or personality based on their Date of Birth, the Life Star does a similar classification but using different computation methodology.

With your Life Star, you can identify your Personal Life Palace, or commonly known as your Identity Palace or Xuan Kong Life Palace (玄空命宫). This sector in your home is about you as it represents your personal capacity in life, relating to wealth, career, and perhaps your well-being, etc. It is preferred to be clean, bright and uncluttered, as it could influence your life endeavors.

Your Life Palace is about your Personal Life Capacity

It is also recommended to ensure that the exterior of this sector, which is outside your home, is not “obstructed” by any building or negative form (Sha Qi), such as construction site, building roof, a road with fast-moving traffic towards your home, etc. These can impact your life endeavors. In addition, a missing sector in your life palace is a definite NO, as this means your life capacity is greatly affected and is unfavorable to you.

A home plan with the missing sector.

Knowing your Life Palace
If you know your Life Star, you can easily identify your Personal Life Palace. For example, if your Life Star is 9, then your Life Palace is in the South. This means that the South sector of your Home represents you, and it should not be missing in your home as it could impact your life capacity as mentioned earlier.

Life Star 9 with its Life Palace in the South

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