Monday, July 23, 2018

Missing Sector impact on your Wealth and Investment

Notice the Missing sector at its facade of this apartment
In current times, do you realize that smaller size homes are built with missing sector? In Feng Shui context, a Missing sector to a home is not favorable as it denotes something is missing. It is a sign where certain occupants have no affinity with the house. They would usually stay out late at work or with friends, away from home, or perhaps always engaging in oversea business commitments where time spent at home is merely to the minimum. To some, the occupants may be more prone to health problems or wealth loss. Hence, a missing sector in a family home is never a good sign.

“Hence, whether for investment or own-stay, it will be always preferred to choose your choice property without a missing sector.

How about Missing Sector on Investment?
Many will argue that Investment does not require Feng Shui, as they are not staying there, and therefore does not affect them. This is true though but Feng Shui can also play a role in ascertaining a good-value property for investment. Missing sector in different area of your properties would indicate different negative impact, especially the Wealth aspect of it. Hence, whether for investment or own-stay, it will be always preferred to choose your choice property without a missing sector.
Examples of 2 Bedroom Units in the current new residential launches 
What if I still want to invest in a property with Missing Sector?
In the current market where most if not all investors are still buying into 1 and 2 Bedroom units, with a smaller floor areas and usually with missing sector, try selecting one that does not have it in the Northeast or South sector from the investment perspective, as missing in these sectors could affect your Wealth prospects, especially in these coming few years. Based on Xuan Kong Feng Shui principle, the prevailing Qi or energies in these sectors are more vibrant, and usually consider as the Wealth sectors. These sectors missing in your home would denote a property with no affinity to Wealth, and generally can be considered as a “no-wealth” property (财屋).

So select your Choice Home and Investment with care...

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