Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Attracting Wealth to your Home in 2018

The Southeast is the Wealth sector of your home in 2018

"In 2018, the Wealth sector is located in the Southeast sector of your home."

As we have just welcomed 2018 Lunar New Year, and many may have already started work, hoping for a prosperous year ahead.

Some if not all will want Wealth to be first in their “To-Have Checklist”. The next Question is how to obtain or at least improve your Wealth luck this year?

One of the methods is through Feng Shui. In 2018, the Wealth sector is located in the Southeast sector of your home. The Main Door of your home or office located in this sector will bring good financial growth and returns from your business, work and investment.

If the Main Door is not located in this sector, you can still make use of this sector more frequently. It could be your workroom, study area, just be there and make use of this sector more often.

Beside wealth endeavors, you and your family members may also want to achieve other goals this year. Consider using the Southwest sector to climb the corporate ladder in your career, or perhaps a study place in the South sector of your home for academic pursuits, especially for your children. At times, a little helping hand can be beneficial when in need. You can consider using the Northwest sector of your home more often for more Nobleman luck or Helpful people luck.

If you are wondering why there is no recommendation of what items or objects to place. The answer is “Not Necessary”, and it is about using these good sectors more often.

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