Thursday, June 20, 2013

Watch Out for Water Outside your Home

A North Facing Home with road or water exit in the Northwest direction
or bodies of water seen in the Northwest sector
Many Home owners and investors will prefer to own North-South facing Properties as their priority choice. One of the reasons is to avoid Strong Sunlight especially from the West.

However, if you have or intending to own a North Facing (坐南朝北) property, then watch out for the Northwest direction if there are any bodies of water, like swimming pool, waterway or road exiting in this direction. This property could have violated either the  8 Roads to Destruction (八路黃泉) and possibly the 8 Killing Forces (八煞黃泉). These are Feng Shui Violations and could lead to health problems and/or loss of wealth.

In addition, this negative formation is also known as “Water Clashing out Later Heaven” (流破后天水) which could not only cause wealth loss, but the occupants would also troubled with money related matters.

Hence, having able to see water are always preferred as most people would relate water with money, but having Water in the wrong place and at the wrong time could also cause more harm and damages. So Beware! 

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