Friday, October 4, 2019

Resolving your immediate Career Crises

Recently met a Salesperson, and he was sighing that his recent real estate deals will either “burst” or being sabotaged by others and even a situation where he was entangled in a conflict between the seller and buyer.

In fact, some of the people I knew also faces one or more of the following encounters:
  • My Work is Not Appreciated
  • My Career is Stagnant or not Growing
  • I feel Drained everyday
  • I frequently being Backstabbed or Sabotaged by others
Whether you are also facing any of the above situations or otherwise, you could have violated the annual afflictions, such as the Five Yellow Sha (五黄煞), 3 Killings (三煞), the Grand Duke or commonly known as the Tai Sui (太岁), or perhaps the Year Breaker (岁破). If you have crossed into their way, they will haunt you the entire year. So beware.

To better manage these crises, perhaps you may want to seek professional advice on this matter. More details here.

Your Life Compass for a Smooth Path Ahead

Your Life Compass for a Smooth Path Ahead
To find out how you can unleash the strength that could uplift your Life Goals, or perhaps negate or at least reduce the Challenges and Changes that you might face in 2020 by the Metal Rat. More details here:

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