Friday, February 28, 2020

Have you invited the problematic 5 to your Home?

The Five Yellow Sha residing in the East in 2020

The East sector is one of the worst sectors for the year 2020 where the Annual Five Yellow star(五黄煞resides. It should be preferably be avoided or at least use less often for any major activities, like renovation, groundbreaking, throughout the year. Disturbing this area could lead to serious repercussions, such as career blockages or stagnation, business deals being terminated leading to monetary loss, potential illness, injuries or accidents and at times it can be fatal.
A  renovation work for your home could be determinant if not careful

If it is impossible to avoid using this area, such as your bedroom, family area or perhaps the East sector is where your main door located, then it will be best to negate or at least reduce this negative energy using more metal items in this area. 

Also, be more cautious should your home is East facing, or perhaps a construction site in the East in the vicinity of your home as this could mean potential problems may be knocking at your door this year. 
Caution if there is a Construction site outside your Home

Should major renovation is impossible to be avoided or postponed, especially for new homeowners who need to move into their new residence this year, it is recommended to seek professional Feng Shui advice to begin renovation works. 

Important to Note:
When this Annual negative 5 Yellow energy residing in the East sector is unfavorable this year, the situation could worsen, especially in the month of March.

Your Life Compass for a Smooth Path Ahead

Your Life Compass for a Smooth Path Ahead
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