Thursday, January 14, 2016

Usher in Wealth for Hills TwoOne at Hillview

Hills TwoOne - a new Residential Development at Hillview

The North facing Home, facing between 337.6 and 352.5 degrees in Period 8, has a special Qi Map chart known as the Double Stars Meet at Facing (双星到向). Generally, if the external environment is supportive, it indicates that the property would be able to usher good wealth potential. Otherwise, there would still be Wealth opportunities but the well-being of the occupants could be relatively poor, a formation with Good Wealth but Poor Health or People luck (旺财损丁局).

Some of the Units with their Main Door blessed with Wealth

Using Hill TwoOne at Hillview Terrace as an illustration, although some of the units in this residential development could have their Main Door residing in the Wealth sector, not all will benefit the most from these except those units that are supported from its external environment as their Main Wealth Activator.

However, some of the units could also be affected by the negative effect created from the external environment as everything and anything will have 2 sides. 

Hence, it is highly recommended to get a Feng Shui assessment to first vet the property as well as check its external environment. And for those who are staying there and call it home, you might consider how to maximize the Wealth potential of your home. Click here for more details.

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