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How to see a person is Flirtatious, yet Charismatic and Wealthy?

If you have "6" in your chart within the inverted triangle, this indicates that this person could be born into a wealthy family, and perhaps have to leave his hometown to acquire wealth. This can be realized with the presence of the 15 number pair as it can be a migration number combination. For example, if you are born in Singapore, you could have the endeavor to work abroad, such as in Australia, etc, and vice versa.

Also observed a "6" is seen at the lowest tip of the chart. This denotes very promising to be wealthy at his old age, but his wealth could be obtained by giving a lot of pressure or stress to others.

"6" is more about Money

A pair of "3" in the chart can indicate a person is more flirtatious than others, while a 272 number combination indicates he or she tends to have the charismatic attraction from others, especially from the opposite sex.

If you have both appearing as shown in your chart, you may encounter flirtatious endeavors with lots of attraction from people, especially from the opposite sex. A number-pair 27 could also represent scandalous affairs. So beware.
flirtatious & charismatic attraction personality

In the Power of Numbers, a 7 could represent Supporter and Network, and a pair of "7" could mean more supporters. In fact, a pair of 7 could mean this person can have many supporters. You are able to sail through difficult times. On the other hand, owing to the bountiful supporters, this person could make use of them. Hence, be more vary if you have friends that have this number pair.

An Individual with Many Supporters and Fans

What if an individual has these Life Stories...
Assuming this individual is a man, based on this Life Chart, he can be a famous wealthy individual, perhaps a celebrity, holding a top management position who left his/her birthplace and work abroad or have migrated to another country.

As a celebrity or public figure, it will be beneficial to have lots of supporters and fans, where he has the charisma to attract them with his peach blossom personality, which may result in attracting bountiful flirtatious endeavors.

In the end, he has the opportunity to be wealthy, perhaps his wealth accumulation is acquired by giving lots of pressure and stress to his supporters.

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