Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The Road to Recovery or a Respite in 2021

A beautiful Sunset view, or fireworks from the Mountain

In Chinese Metaphysics, every year there is an image representing a "general feeling" of the year would-be happenings, usually known as an Annual Hexagram​. 

Last year the image which denotes "Fire is covered by Earth(地火明夷)leads to the keyword, Darkness. This could also denote sickness, which coincidentally leading to the unprecedented pandemic.

This year in 2021 which is the year of the Metal Ox, the image representing this is the Beauty Hexagram (山火贲) which can denote by a "Beautiful Sunset view, or Celebrating Fireworks" overlooking from the Hill or Mountain. Indeed a better image than last year.

This beautiful picture comes with a hidden message. A sunset view or firework can be beautiful, but that does not last forever as darkness will come after that. 

The Beauty Hexagram could indicate a respite from the difficulties that were encountered last year. 

Let's reflect on the recent happenings around the world. 

Many people are hopeful for a better year ahead, especially with the arrival of vaccines, which start rolling out to many parts of the world, showing some light towards a road of recovery. 

However, while many economies are trying to reopen their borders, many are still struggling with movement restrictions, lockdowns, etc, providing a signal showing that although life is gradually going back to the normal, or new normal rather, we should be more cautious as it seems that we are still not out of the woods yet. So beware.

This Beauty hexagram would suggest that if you are setting any life goals this year, it will be preferred to have them realized as soon, and not linger till the end of the year.

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