Sunday, June 27, 2021

Assessing the Environment with Qi Men

Provence Residence and its source of energy

As the environmental factor can contribute as much as 70% of the Feng Shui of an area, this plays an important role in determining the quality of a piece of land which has a specific orientation as well; i.e. besides building facing, a piece of Land also has it facing. 

By knowing the land facing and the source of energy or Qi in its vicinity, we can ascertain the type of energies residing in this location, especially important to the residents occupying here as this can affect their life endeavors.

There are various methods to qualify a piece of land, and Qi Men Feng Shui is one easy method for land assessment. 

Using Provence Residence, as an illustration, the source of energy or Qi that empowers this development is represented by the vibrancy of the Door of Life (生门) in Qi Men context, where the residents will be blessed with bountiful wealth opportunities.

The next step is to ascertain the right residential building and thereafter a favorable home aligning to this positive energy if you are looking for your dream home here.

More story of Provence Residence here:

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