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Navigating towards your Entrepreneurial Success in 2022

Since the release of the new Business Planner 2.0 recently, there was a lot of requests if it is possible to further enhance the day energy. I hear you and hence the introduction of the 3 Victory Palaces (三胜宫) days. 

These are relatively good days and scarce for the entire year. Derived from Qi Men Dun Jia principle, you can plan out the entire year marking these dates, and schedule important activities on these days, complimenting the new Qi Men essentials in the Business Planner to better enhance your daily or business activities towards the favorable outcome you desire due to the enhanced energy level.

2022 Business Planner

How to Use
Case studies #1:
Using 5-Mar as an illustration. If this is your personalized planner, besides being a relatively favorable day for Sales and a Personal Nobleman Day for you, it is also a 3 Victory Palaces day which can further enhance the energy supporting the endeavors you desire based on your Date of Birth. 

The Day can further be enhanced with Qi Men by sitting with your back against Northeast for more vibrant energy for Wealth relating activities.

2022 Business Planner Case Study #1
A Sales and Nobleman Day enhanced with your 3 Victory Palaces

Case studies #2:
Using 7-Mar as an illustration.
Although it seems to be just a normal day, it is in fact a 3 Victory Palaces Day which can boost your energy level, enabling you to endear the business activities to your favor. Based on Qi Men Nobility indicator, you can sit with your back against the South to seek Nobleman help.

Your 3 Victory Palaces Day

As the personalized 3 Victory Palaces days are relatively scarce for the entire year, perhaps 2,3 or even none per month, therefore plan and schedule them wisely. 

Read more about the new 2022 Business Planner here:

* Caution: 
Qi Men Dun Jia can be a relatively powerful tool, so use it with a positive intention, and not to cause harm to others.

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